5 Reasons To Start Using The iER App

5 Reasons To Start Using The iER App

Having an emergency response panic button on speed dial means getting the assistance you need timeously in a catastrophic event. In an emergency, response timing is everything, it’s the difference between a good or bad outcome and even life and death. But why not rely on the traditional way of getting help? Why use the iER app? Here are 5 reasons to start using the iER app.

Everything In One Place

The gateway to the iER network is a mobile application with unique built-in alerts and GPS-tracking functionality. When you contact iER, the 24-hour call centre can find your location and dispatch experts you need to assist with your particular situation.

iER’s managed call centre provides direct access to an emergency response support network consisting of highly trained personnel.

iER is connected to a database of thousands of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to your emergency. The iER call centre will be able to respond to your emergency situation 24 hours a day, every day.

iER will track your emergency to ensure that you receive the most appropriate intervention and follow up by notifying your emergency contacts to ensure your safety. 

Efficiency And Speed

The fact is, pressing a mobile panic button is faster than finding the correct number of the police station or hospital and being placed on hold. 

The great news is that technology has put everything at our fingertips and you skip the virtual queue. Now, you can avoid being directed to an automated system or put on hold. 

The truth is that people have complained many times about the service delivery in the emergency response industry, mainly linked to a lack of resources and perhaps a lack of human resources at the administrative level, to dispatch these services accordingly and timeously. 

Having a dedicated mobile app like iER streamlines this service and sends your details to a fully manned system that will send the proper interventions in real time. 

Our Phones Are Always Nearby

Having the iER panic button on your phone means you will always have it with you because, these days, you hardly leave the house without your phone. The iER panic button on your phone meets all your emergency needs instantly.

Most of us spend loads of time checking notifications and other apps, so having an extra app dedicated to your safety isn’t that far-fetched. 

Emergency App That Sends Alerts To Family & Friends 

You don’t only send an alert to emergency services, but also to your selected friends and family. 

iER has a built-in group feature which allows users to pre-select the community members, friends or family they would like alerted in different situations, says IT WEB.

You can create a neighbourhood watch group with the people you have selected as your emergency contacts on the app. They, too, have to have the app downloaded to activate this feature. 

For example, if there is a home invasion in the area, iER would send out an alert to the neighbourhood watch group, police and armed response units when you press the criminal activity SOS button.

Or if your car breaks down on the side of a freeway at night, you would press the broken car SOS button, and an alert would be sent to your close family and friends group, as well as a tow-truck driver. 

In this situation, your loved ones could use the GPS coordinates sent with the alert to track you to ensure you get home safely or drive to help if they are nearby.

The same would happen in a family group. 

Is The App Toll-Free?

The iER emergency app is zero-rated, which means that when you use it, you don’t rely on your data. Data is still a significant barrier to emergency services in South Africa, so having a zero-rated emergency app allows everyone to access emergency assistance conveniently. It also means that the response team won’t lose your GPS signal even if you do not have airtime. 

What Are Some General Safety Tips?

  • Always travel in pairs, or in groups, especially in the evening.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is serviced and your tyres are inflated, so you don’t break down on the side of the road. 
  • Always tell someone where you are going. If you plan to meet with a stranger or are going to a party far away, tell a friend your whereabouts. This will ensure that someone will be looking for you in case you don’t return home within a reasonable time. 
  • When driving alone, don’t have any valuable possessions visible on your seats. This is a hijacking hazard. Always keep your doors locked. 
  • iER is connected to a database of 1000s of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to your emergency.


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