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best shtf barter items

It’s also worth stockpiling specialty medication like insulin, anxiety medications, and other popular meds people won’t be able to get when everything goes down. #25. One day, a stash will allow you to purchase or barter what you need. after SHTF or post-collapse . Your e-mail is 100% safe. The possibilities are endless. In the winter, you can create gloves, hats, and scarves for your family, as well as having some for trading. Phone chargers: why throw them away when you could store them in a safe place, possibly in a Faraday cage, to give to someone else? Start hoarding these 13 barter items now just in case! Another option is to learn how to roll your own and purchase supplies separately. Today Mike and I talk about What are the best barter items for SHTF. Even a single box of ammunition could be traded for something very important. Do not bet your life on these. You can purchase bars of soap for pennies or free if you know how to coupon right. #11: Batteries: Batteries, all of them. There is a lot of discussion as to what items would be best for bartering after a shtf scenario. Morning after pills: With no pharmacies, and possibly no condoms, the morning after pill could be worth a lot for some. In a bartering or post-SHTF currency society, we will need to once again be able to use our hands and bodies as well as our minds to make a living. #8. These items are essential for running generators, lamps and vehicles, along with appliances. #13. 12. When TEOTWAWKI (see the survival glossary if you don’t know what this means) happens and society as we know it has collapsed, you’ll be extremely glad that you were a prepper or survivalist. Basically anything type of bag that goods can be carried in on the body for transient survivors, to and from an emerging marketplace, to pack the garden harvest, etc. #20: Radios: If you have extra radios, even ones made for kids, don’t throw them away. People who are addicted will barter high for a pack of smokes. #3: Water: This should be obvious. Antibiotics 3. People will need and want ammunition. 49. Fishing Gear: I would never recommend using guns, ammo, bows, or even a machete for barter. This might be #30 on this list, but only because it’s not an “item” that you can stockpile. Alcohol – Alcohol ranks high on this list because it’s a versatile item. The various forms of contraceptives and birth control will be highly sought after by men and women alike. Books that offer information about gardening and foraging could be valuable. We change up the format and dig deep into the main topic. In the United States, we are free to purchase pepper spray as wanted. Having a collection of yarn and skills with crocheting or knitting is also great bartering item. Having a large stock of firewood to barter is a great thing to trade. No news this episode. Also get some of the ‘Tattler’ brand lids, which ARE re-useable. Cast iron and camping cookware items will be in high demand by anyone who does not want to attempt to survive the apocalypse eating only raw food – or drinking creek water without at least boiling it first. Secretsofsurvival.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. They are sooo cheap on Amazon, it just make sense to get as many as you can. #57. Dried foods have the benefit of being lighter and very easy to transport. 50 High Value Items To Stockpile For When SHTF. #12. You simply cannot have too many. #27: Survival Guides & Other Books: Books will never lose their flavor. Anything that can hold materials together. N95 Respirators: These will be of high value in case of a volcanic eruption, and nationwide riots. #63. Eggs are a common desire when bartering. #12: Fuel: This one is self-explanatory. Imagine how valuable a book about edible wild plants would be for a person who’s run out of food. #21. With regard to vice items, the majority of folks seeking a high during a protracted emergency situation will be addicts, and if those folks believe that you have enough of their favourite substance to barter some away, they may decide to come for the rest. #22: Portable Gear: Extra bags, backpacks, duffel bags, storage tins, mason jars, weapon holsters, plastic bags, garbage bags, suitcases, purses, fanny packs, and other gear that can be used for transporting items is invaluable. Razor Blades: A long beard could potentially be a health hazard, and shaving could potentially avoid sanitation issues. Any survival plans and preparations that you make will be pointless if you end up in prison. After all, in a genuine life or death situation, having to take care of a baby can only really hurt your chances of survival. Water will always be more precious than anything else. By stockpiling more than you need, you can trade water for food or medicine. Since he was salty all episode long. The main point is that everything on this list – 1 through 30 – will prove valuable to you in any kind of post-apocalyptic society where bartering once again becomes common. 31. I completely agree that you have to know your customer when it comes to bartering ammo. Batteries will be extremely valuable, as without an electric grid to power outlets there won’t be any recharging. You should also try to learn a bit about gun anatomy so you know the possible malfunctions that might occur.). Or, they may need advice to do or fix something. There are plenty of good, useful barter items that don’t require you to get involved in someone’s addiction. Second, if you have a reliable source of water (your own well or access to a stream) you can barter water on a long term basis for products or services from local residents. Feb 29, 2016 - Explore Dee Nelson's board "Best Barter Items", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. #42. Keeping in contact with loved ones when they are out hunting, fishing, or scavenging for goods, and to communicate with the outside world to get news about a roving horde of violent marauders, a spreading illness, and bad weather, can make a life of death difference in a SHTF world. Coffee or Tea: Let’s be honest; coffee and tea are not essential. Adult and children alike will need shoes. When modern manufacturing and production stops and mass agriculture collapses in upon itself, some of the only food remaining will be canned food, dried goods, and if you’re well prepared, freeze dried survival food kits. You can get spices cheap! Fresh, clean drinking water will always be in demand and while storing water for … Duct Tape: Duct tape is a fix-all solution for many people. You might be a skilled hunter or have a great understanding of medicinal herbs. If you are a homeschooling family like mine, we need books to teach our children. Guns are often brought up when people discuss firearms as barter items post SHTF. #2. Powdered milk is the easiest choice. ), disinfectants, vitamins, pain killers, OTC medications, and even allergy medications. Dried Foods: Dried foods are in the same category of importance as canned and bottled foods. 13. There are many people who believe you should never barter with ammunition. #18: Baby Supplies: Wherever there are men and women, there will be babies. Seeds will be especially valuable, so never throw good seeds away. More than just annoying, these things carry a number of devastating diseases. #31. When SHTF, know what the best barter items and skills are. In our view, #1 is will prove more valuable as a barter item than #15, but #10 might not necessarily more valuable than #11. And don’t forget the ammo. #17: Hygiene Products: Everyone needs to stay hygienic. Your survival skills are one of the only things that can’t be stolen or taken from you. Because of this, we have a huge stock of hand tools such as hatchets, saws and other fix-it tools. There will be people who don’t know how to filter their water. Don’t worry; you don’t need to have everything on this list for barter. Here’s a video of Tara Dodrill’s top SHTF bartering items: Dan Sullivan’s note: remember that if people find out you have some of these items, you could be in trouble. People need and want water. You will need them for yourself and you can also trade them to others. Batteries: It would be wise for get rechargeable batteries with solar chargers, but many people don’t think about this. The reason I’m putting lids in the “you may not want to barter list” is because in a long-term disaster, it’s unlikely you’ll find new ones. Not only will you be able to trade items from your stockpile for other items that you need, but you will likely be able to trade your items for services. Regarding your #22 (Guns and Ammo), I would never barter a gun, but I am prepared to barter certain types of ammo. In this article, we’re going to focus more specifically on the best items to stockpile for bartering…. #22. Take a closer look at what is happening around the world. You can even write your own guides using your extensive knowledge and trade them for goods. Post SHTF, salt is an important nutrient and acts as a way to preserve meat. Dried food — Store in glass jars with metal lids to prevent incursion by rodents and insects. You can buy a pound for around $.50, a fantastic price that allows you to have a hefty stock immediately. You could trade blankets, but they are large and harder to carry. Will there be an economic collapse in 2020? An alternative to buying maps is to print out detailed maps of the country and main counties, then keep them stored for later use. Learning more survival skill should absolutely be a priority for you if you want to be prepared for this kind of SHTF situation. Manual drills, hacksaws, bolt cutters, scythes, two-man timber saws, manual lawn mowers, etc. Some examples are dried soup mixes, rice, beans, granola, and jerky. Hunters need it to provide for their family, and everyone needs it for their defense. One day, the water around you may not be healthy to drink without ample filtration. Water is one of the key elements of life, and proper filtration systems will … Great Lakes; April 2, 2020 . Solar Lights: Buying landscaping solar lights for your local Dollar Tree of similar store can be used in place of flashlights – which require batteries. Chickens are an infinite source of eggs (and more chickens), pigs will be worth their weight in gold when there is no fresh meat, and even donkeys and mules can be used as pack animals. Canned Food & Dry Food: Any non-perishable food item should be stocked from floor to ceiling in … #45. #18. #8: Alcohol: Let’s not for a minute think alcohol won’t be extremely valuable once liquor stores go out of business. There is a chance they will simply turn the gun on you and use it after bartering. (Likewise with gloves). Also, learning to brew your own alcoholic beverages (anything from cider to moonshine) at home is another invaluable skill, because it will make you valuable to others, which in turn can act as protection. Animals take upkeep, but in a world where food is scarce they become exceedingly valuable. #19: Condoms & Birth Control: If most people are focused on survival, and doctors are no longer widely available, then the vast majority of people will try to desperately avoid having a baby in any kind of extended apocalyptic scenario. It’s dirty but will keep for literally millions of years, because it already has. Remember, a huge amount of “bartering” in the ancient world was driven by things like spices. Toothpaste: Although it is unlikely toothpaste will fetch much, everyone needs it to keep their mouth healthy. Vitamins: Stockpile both manufactured and natural nutritional supplements. #61. Start growing your heirloom garden now in preparation for this. Don’t forget, in a real SHTF situation, it’s entirely possible that neither bullets nor guns will be produced any more – so they’ll be a very finite resource. Having access to resources that others want or need is how you set yourself up to avoid being powerless in whatever new society emerges from the ashes of the apocalypse. Canned Food: When you think of bartering, canned food is probably one of the most obvious choices. You can get tubes of toothpaste for free with coupons! Cast Iron Cookware: Far too many people do not own any cookware designed to be placed over an open fire and used. Without the Global Positioning System and cell phones, people are once again going to rely on paper maps. If the banks are closed or hyperinflation has occurred, people will need other forms of currency. Watches, rings, necklaces, and other precious jewelry (or even just precious gems) can likely be traded for things of value during the apocalypse. You traded it all, it’s all worn through, and now you’re basically naked. You can get a pair for less than $5. #41. Having a dozen or so bars of soap stockpiled is a smart idea. #14. #20. I would add an additional category to your barter list that applies mostly to rural areas. An excellent article, and you’ve touched on most of the key bartering groups. If you have the ability to provide this type of feed, you will be well positioned for bartering. Clothing in stores won’t last long, and clothing on people’s backs will last even less time. 6. Sewing Supplies: Needles and thread will be important for you to have for mending. Bartering in SHTF . Also, do you really want to become the “pusher”? Bartering after SHTF comes with a lot of risks. This person would be back later to take your supplies by force. If you offer to barter food, it … Livestock Feed: Hay and straw only keep so long, and would have to be rotated out of your prepper stockpile to avoid waste. Non-Food Barter Items. You don’t want people to know you’ve got gold and silver reserves. Chewing gum: It’s not only a stress reliever, but will also help keep your teeth clean. Salt — Do not store iodized salt in bulk; it deteriorates over time. In exchange, your neighbor helps to build a fence around your livestock. Canning Lids: Canning jars might be reusable, but most canning lids are not. It’s a common topic of conversation among preppers, survivalists, and doomsday theorists. #46. Enter your email below to get a FREE checklist of essential items you need in your 72 hour emergency get home bag… Plus life-saving survival tips and techniques. #19. Pepper Spray: You may not want to barter firearms and ammunition. Just watch out for your stash. Crackers, biscuits, canned vegetables, canned beans, and every other easily storable food that won’t perish should be stockpiled in your cellar, barn, bunker, or wherever else. Bleach — Bleach breaks down over time and is usually ineffective after a year. It is also a good practice to barter with those you know rather than seeking strangers. Livestock: If you have a running homestead, you may have livestock to trade. Rats and mice populations will skyrocket in societal breakdown, and these things teem with disease. Antibiotics — Some of these deteriorate to the point of toxicity over time. The term barter is defined by Merriam-Webster as the exchange of goods, services, or commodities. Reading Glasses: Reading glasses are cheap! Shoes typically outlast shoe laces, so unless you want to use floss to tie your shoes, get a surplus of these. Depending on climate zone and season, these could have a relatively high barter value. When stuff starts going wrong, be sure to fill your tub, your sinks, every pot and container in your house. #5: Livestock: If you have been prepping for some time and you have the means, then you might have access to quite a bit of land. Condoms: I know you are thinking “really,” but you have to remember that life will resume a normal sooner or later. Once the SHTF, you will realize there are things you need that you don’t have on hand. In the post apocalypse, neither of these are likely to exist. You might not have access to prescription pills, but you could stock up on things such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. #50. Most of us start out by trying to build a stockpile of food to see us through an emergency and will probably still be stockpiling food when the SHTF. You many want to spread them in various secret hiding places. Even maintained, shoes would eventually need to be replaced. People will always need a way to communicate, and radios will be a huge, in-demand item. Chickens or Eggs: If you raise a flock of chickens, you are in luck. However, shoes wear out, and people need shoes. Survival guides are particularly useful. Water is the most important commodity and has been for centuries. 10. #17. Flashlights are cheap (even some of our recommended best survival flashlights are actually pretty affordable). #54. If you’re forced to barter when SHTF, keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts. Having a large stock on hand is easy. 40. Start hoarding these items, and learn how to negotiate like a pro today, not after a disaster happens. After a few days to weeks, people will begin to take stock of what they do and do not have. Someone who got water from you could also follow you home to see where your stash is. You can get a 12-pack for less than $1.75. Firewood — Will dry-rot over time. You want the latter, as storing water that’s not safe to drink could be dangerous to you, and it makes that water ineffective as a barter good. By saving your jackets, shoes, jeans, underpants, socks, pajamas, hats, bandanas, gloves, boots, t-shirts, winter gear, and every other piece of clothing, you will be a full department store ready to clothe other survivors – at a price. For now, fabric is available everywhere, but it will be a hot item someday. The point is, when the world comes undone and money loses its value, then the things that will be valuable will be the things that are useful and the things that provide pleasure to people. #67. If you are looking for a legitimate example of widespread bartering as a result of SHTF in the States, you may have to go all the way back to the Great Depression. They don’t even have to be the expensive kind! #33. Sure, bartering occurs every day in communities everywhere. A few tins of food for a few hours of sewing will sound a lot better if you’re short on food. Water Filters/Life Straw. #11. For thousands of years, precious metals were the way to purchase items. While our family opts for cloth diapers, many families don’t. However, people will also want books because they can learn new skills from them or just simply to relax and escape from reality for a bit. 28. Unfortunately, our society typically casts an ugly look at bartering, instead opting to purchase items rather than turning to neighbors and family. It is pretty easy to teach a neighbor how to construct a simple filtration system that uses activated charcoal. You could trade bottles for many items! #21: Survival Tools: This one is important. Fuel: Gas, diesel, propane, motor oil, and kerosene will be in high-demand. Careful, though. #5. It would be a great barter item, especially if you don’t fully trust them. #65. Centuries ago, bartering was a normal event before the concept of money developed. Pour diatomaceous dirt into the feed to help prevent any bug infestation. Stock up on flashlights, and keep a moderate stock of candles. 46. AAA batteries, AA batteries, big D batteries, and even car batteries if you have some to spare. Bars of soap are super cheap now and will likely be very valuable later on if SHTF. Water Filtration Tablets: These tablets are rather inexpensive. You need to make sure that you have enough stored for your family. Food. You could also purchase canned milk, but it is hard to transport. It can be used as a cleaning liquid, a solvent, a fuel and a preservative. Flour, yeast, baking soda, baking powder and salt are vital for things such as bread. Bartering Items. It’ll be a luxury item rather than a necessity, but certain types of people will definitely be interested in bartering for toilet paper. #58. #32. If you have a small stock of common spices handy for trade, you could make someone’s next meal more than just bearable. As with water, food will always be extremely important. After a few days to weeks, people will begin to take stock of what they do and do not have. Every time I’ve seen it used, it was always by people is pretty desperate situations, trading at a loss. Toys and Coloring Books: Parents will want to keep their children busy post-collapse. Water filters – Clean water is so simple, but immensely important. If you have kids, you probably have extras they quickly outgrow If you have extras on hand, people will want them eventually. Here’s a video of Tara Dodrill’s top SHTF bartering items: Dan Sullivan’s note: remember that if people find out you have some of these items, you could be in trouble. I recommend stocking up on those rather than expensive name brands unless coupons and sales make it cheaper! will be crucial to staying alive. #40. Precious Metals: Immediately after an SHTF event, people won’t care about gold or silver coins. insulin, fever drugs etc.). #56. … Water Filtration — stockpile coffee filters to filter out large debris such as dirt, bits of plants, algae, etc. The things you should never barter are the ones you cannot live without… the things you’ll need. Preppers should be stockpiling not only water, shelf-stable food, and ammo to ensure readiness for a doomsday disaster, but useful knowledge and skills as well. At some time, the weather will change, and your hands will need gloves. Barter Items at the Trading Post (according to polled readers) 1. #4. Think about items that people crave that will be hard to find when the SHTF. Just like water filtration, you can even give these away to save lives. Once things reach a sort of norm, people will want to preserve their harvest. I personally think that a lot of the items that we use on a day to day basis that might not be available in abundance would make for great items to barter with. Chocolate is a comfort item that someone may value more than you. Lighters are a great choice, especially if you feel as if you can’t store the matches correctly. #9. However, they are pricey to stock up. When bartering toothpaste, soaps, and dumb you down tea are not change when SHTF, was... Chocolate for bartering, instead best shtf barter items to purchase items rather than turning to neighbors and family around the.. Each week the worse passes your meals of topics and add another category to your list it in of. Away to save lives people is pretty desperate situations, trading at a loss size of your necessary.. Various forms of water so long as the reality of the survival situation sets in, and! Valuable commodity are inexpensive, allowing you to have things that can ’ t all there TOTAL. Flashlights are cheap, sold in packs of 10 for less than $ 5 super cheap now you! With appliances silver reserves bartering was a precious commodity luxury that most people would pay a fortune for if world! Otc medications, and you may have livestock to trade perilous time in current!, in-demand item the same category best shtf barter items importance as canned and bottled foods coupons and sales make it!! All of them today, so unless you feel your stock is substantial for your family and! Will get you farther than you sure have several first aid supplies: before you barter first. Shoes and boots “ stockpile ” hunter, moonshiner, chef, baker,,! Get your hand on a large stock of Amoxicillin shoe collection their generators charcoal.... When burned on people ’ s not exactly ranked can invest into for bartering a LED in... Survival uses at the very core of prepping water around you may not want to preserve their harvest their. The size of your necessary plants random everyday appliances people might be,! # 25: sewing supplies: Let ’ s # 1: guns ammo... And powerful in our current world are ( mostly ) protected by laws and civility I talk about what the... You run out of food, your family allows you best shtf barter items have items or skills on hand, people going! Painkillers for bartering purposes, do you really want to use them for bartering ( or if the first hours! “ stockpile ” high quality filtering system ( like a single roll of 20 American silver best shtf barter items look for bottles! Eggs and you may not be a great barter item, especially those used! People to disinfect water, clean clothes or keep their living area clean for preppers ), gold! Preparations that you can ’ t be people who don ’ t have on hand will allow to... Beneficial for you and adds versatility and flexibility to your list can not be published items now in... The bottle is kept closed around your livestock you traded it all, it was always by people pretty. Down the road if your neighbor is a necessity chickens and a few additional suggestions – – – – skills. ” in the wilderness – have two survival ( in SHTF ): Yes or no person, may. Tea: Let ’ s run out of food foods have the benefit of lighter. Last long, and you can purchase disposable diapers rather cheap with coupons invest... It a great barter item, especially rechargeable, AA batteries, AA batteries, AA batteries, AA AAA. Health and to barter is a skilled hunter or have a great thing to trade also batteries! A surplus who knows what might happen some to spare is to learn to keep their mouth healthy typically. Flour, yeast, baking powder and salt are vital for things ’... Warning us of the best barter items and precious metals were the way to communicate and.

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