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how to raise a mini aussie

The first thing you will see once the dog is in labor and begins delivering is a bubble like this one. We make efforts to raise puppies who are friendly, not shy, and well socialized with other animals. Depending on these factors you will have to make adjustments to how long you can wait before taking them out. Make sure and write down what days you bred your dog so you will know when to expect puppies. Pay attention to the following articles to help you raise a well mannered dog. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Sometimes a dog is a great mommy, but has a large litter or her body simply doesn't produce enough milk. Sometimes, frustratingly, they will wait until they get back in and then suddenly have to go. Just don’t forget to teach them a come-back cue. The solution was to bottle feed any sick puppy until it got its strength back and was nursing on its own, and to have the vet give the momma a shot of oxytocin to stimulate milk production. We absolutely love his perfect little size. Vigorous play, walk around outside, maybe give them a few treats and ask for some sits, Put puppy in play pen with whatever they did not eat of their breakfast and water and pee pads and get yourself ready for work, Play with them a little more or let them mill around while you finish getting ready, Put on some relaxing music softly (I recommend Krishna Das Pandora radio station -no sudden loud sounds come on that one), Leave your office when you have to to make it home by noon, Play inside or outside (if playing inside, take them out about 10 minutes after they ate), After playing a good 15 mins or so and they have gone potty, let them mill around and make yourself some lunch. Do your best to encourage her to participate in mothering, but if you have no luck, you're in for some work as you will have to bottle raise them. Check out: @jasperthebestboy. If they pee or poo in the house (which will probably happen at least once or twice even with extreme vigilance) it is your fault, not theirs, for not taking them out. Q&A. If you don't feel comfortable helping mom and you think she is taking too long or having trouble (excessive yelping without producing a puppy can be a bad sign) CALL your vet. Taking on a new puppy, no matter what the breed, isn’t all bows and bandanas. If they go, do lots of praise! Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, genetically tested and screened puppies that … We worked less and were home more and we were able to take him out all the time. Whether he or she bounds out of the car door to run down the beach or patiently awaits your command, this swift and … Most people lock their dogs in a crate so they HAVE to hold it, but I just can't do that to a dog. Welcome to Show Me Mini Aussies! He maybe had two or three pee accidents in the house and those were because I knew he needed to go out, but thought I could wait another 30 seconds; for example, while I did a quick brush on my hair (he wound up popping a squat and peeing on the bathroom mat as I was rushing to get ready -lesson learned there: when then have to go, get them out quickly don't try to look purdy, ha ha). Submit. We strive to raise friendly, loving, loyal new family members. Pay very close attention to your puppies and make sure that every puppy nurses every day. Aussies are naturally reserved around people that they don't know but with continued obedience training and socialization they will overcome this. Even if you don't assist your dog, if you're there for the birth you should count afterbirths and make sure there is one for every puppy and dispose of them. You get the idea. They are both the size small (11-16" adjustable length) and are the same webbing as the sandals. As you can see below, Indie was such a wild monkey that he would make a mess of the whole play pen. I felt ready to train another dog and see what it was like to have two, and to experience a new personality. Conversely, I had to get a special water dish for Indie that wouldn't tip or spill and he would shred any pee pad I put in his play pen, so I couldn't even use them with him. The parvo virus itself doesn't kill puppies, it is the symptoms of the virus and resulting dehydration that will kill them. We absolutely love his perfect little size. Weighing puppies every day or two will help you to make sure they are gaining weight. When she has a contraction and pushes, pull out and slightly down. In fact, she’s everything you could want in a dog — and more. Puppies are just messy. Use caution when introducing puppies to other doggy members of the family. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; Whether inside or out within 24 hours, sometimes 12, of when puppies start to arrive they start hunting out small, dark, quiet places. Get up to potty, if restless play for 10 minutes and then back in the crate to sleep until 6:00 or 6:30am -whatever you can  get, Wake up, go outside immediately for potty break, Offer them some breakfast, might not eat it all, Play inside or outside for a few minutes...toss around toys, play some tug, let them explore. Wellington Ranch Aussies. If the mother doesn't seem to have enough milk, signs might be an obvious lack of breast, or weak puppies that aren't gaining weight, you should contact your vet. Both products have performed great during our recent adventuring and I highly recommend them! We are completely devoted to the Toy Australian Shepherds that share our home and lives. _udn = "none"; Some of the signs they need go are: they start really sniffing around and walking in circles, or you see them arching their back, you know they are looking for a place to go. I finally found a breeder who did large-toys (as I feel a regular toy size would be a little two small for us). So, it's back outside again even though you were just there and/or you got a little messy to clean up. Recent Post by Page. She wants to be around him and that is kind of why I got her, so I am allowing it and I monitor them. And this is how you know when you need a bigger scale... var _gaq = _gaq || []; is around 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This would happen in a matter of one or two days. Located on the Central Coast of California, licensed breeder who emphasizes trainability and temperament in our dogs. (function() { Here is a video that shows how I play with each one: Potty training is an exhausting process of carefully observing your puppy, trying to keep them on a regular feeding schedule, developing a sense of how long after they eat/drink they usually need to go, learning their signs of when they are about to go, and being ready to jump up and bring them outside at a moments notice for about 2-3 months. Indie was not big on eating or drinking a lot so he didn't have to go as often as our new puppy. She’s also smart, athletic, a snap to train, devoted, telepathic, and my right-hand girl. You need a different set up and you need to leave them with lots of chew toys, and long … All we can figure is that one of the cats may have tracked it over from there. The truth is — for as beautiful and brainy as Australian Shepherds are — they aren’t for everyone. We don't know where it came from, the puppies hadn't left the property nor had any of our other dogs, and no new dogs had been on our property to our knowledge. I tried so hard to keep vigilant throughout the night, but it was just too hard for me so I gave up and just try my best now and do it when I can and if she pees on the pee pads sometimes, so be it. her crate with the door off of it and a towel over the top. So we needed to pee pad train her regardless of my energy/time. Going on outdoor adventures or playing games such as fetch are great ways to stimulate your Aussiedoodle mentally. var _gaq = _gaq || []; The one gone didn't get sick, the 5 still at home did. She did a better job cleaning up than Bindi did and even tried to nurse them (though she hadn't had any puppies and had no milk) We've been lucky that all our dogs do great with the puppies and all help take care of them. Some got sicker than others. I strive to make sure every owner has the ability to get the very best out of their puppy. _gaq.push(['_setAllowHash', false]); Of course, this gets shifted on daily basis depending on when I get home and what else is going on. With a big litter you can help out as puppies get older with bottle feeding. I never used a single pee pad with Indie. Socialization is a must not only with people but with other animals/dogs as well. We strive to raise our Aussies to reflect the amazing beauty, intelligence and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed keeping the beautiful traditional Aussie look, but in a smaller package. Welcome to Lane Imperial Aussies. You could break the puppy's sack too early, or more importantly, you could possibly cause a tear in the mothers uterus. Pet Breeder. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Even with my grandfather being a semi-retired vet, we have called one of the other local vets in town at 2 AM asking him questions. Some people make permanent birthing boxes our of wood, and this is fine too, we just find the cardboard simpler and easier. You need to have two people for the first encounter. I know it is slowing down her potty training, but I am willing to deal with that. Sharing the journey of raising a Miniature Australian Shepherd! Don't talk to it. I like that my puppy can get up and move around and even pee on the pee pads while I'm gone. We line them in a waterproof plastic type tape (helps having a dad that works at a duct tape factory) otherwise cardboard would never work for puppies. The main thing I like about them is that they don't get loose when wet and do not retain water and get soggy. We make sure to never breed merle to merle, or natural bob tail to natural bob tail (though this isn't a problem for us as our dogs all have docked tails) With that in mind we also try to get a variety of colors in each litter, and raise mini's that are med to small mini's or large toys, that still retain the appropriate Australian shepherd 'look'. Our dogs are socialized to all our farm animals. })(); Pick the puppy up. They sniff the ground because they are looking for the scent of their pee which triggers them on where to go. All P3 dogs are registered either AKC Australian Shepherd and/or ASDR Toy/Mini Aussie Our dogs range from 10-18in CONTACT. Teach your Aussie to be social by accustoming him to being around people and other pets. d.write('

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