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westjet 787 dreamliner business class

Born in India, raised in Singapore, he now lives with his wife and two young daughters in Toronto. The food quality and selection was exceptional, and in general the service felt more like Qatar Airways than anything else. Westjet 787 Economy Class booking at 100pts = $1. We'll check out the Economy cabin, Premium cabin and Business cabin. 38 32. Rahim (and Kristy) are WestJetters. The design is inspired by the Canadian Rockies and colors by the lakes. For the past two decades, WestJet has been known for one thing more than any others – WestJetters. WestJet – historically a low cost carrier – has decided to bring the fight to legacy airlines by playing Air Canada and British Airways at their own game. Special offers may include additional savings, resort credits, kids stay free and more. Some serious work has gone bringing the WestJet 787 experience to life by the team led by Ed Sims (watch interview) and Louis Saint-Cyr. The WestJet 787 Dreamliner has smart sensors that detect turbulence and are designed to reduce motion sickness eightfold, according to Boeing. But mine was a daytime flight and the cabin felt just a tad bit too masculine due to the dark tones. Our elevated experience has been impacted by COVID-19. Package prices may not reflect real-time pricing or availability. Offers limited and subject to availability. Prices displayed above are subject to change and are not guaranteed until payment is made and accepted. (162.4 cm) in height, while depth and width vary by container. To use, you agree to the website terms of use, the privacy policy, and the use of cookies. If you’re a frequent flyer like me, it is a refreshing change after experiencing premium cabins with grey seats and blue or red accents on most North America to Europe flights. The second largest airline in Canada, and the best one according to TripAdvisor, WestJet has gone full throttle in targeting premium travelers. Reviewed 11 March 2019 . Seat 4 K is a recliner-style Business Class seat, however, its proximity to the galley and … How apt! Although efforts are made to represent the general Westjet Business Class Boeing 787 Dreamliner Westjet 787 Business Class London to Calgary. You’ll find a lot of unique wares on the WestJet 787, like a blue bowl and a cutlery napkin holder made of hammered steel. I believe the masterstroke from WestJet came much before the first 787 had taken off. When booking close in, the premium for business class over economy in this case is only ~7600 points. Toronto, Canada. OPC fees are charged at a rate of $1.00 per $1000. From an entertainment perspective, each business class seat offers an 18.5-inch touchscreen in-flight entertainment system. Seats at these fares are limited and may not be available on all flights. Travel bubbles take off to kickstart airline recovery, Flying Qatar Airways on repatriation flights during COVID-19, WestJet CEO Ed Sims on leading through change, learning from failures and scaling culture #SimpliLive, How Air Tahiti Nui is carving a niche with its Tahitian Dreamliner – Interview with Jessy Salmon. The advanced features of the 787 increase efficiency, simplify airplane ownership and operation, and significantly improve the air travel experience. I also got the chance to fly WestJet 787 business class for the first time on my way to Calgary. Prices will be updated at least every two hours. Rossen has become the Michael Angelo of product design in aviation, having led the development of the Qatar Airways QSuite, possibly the best Business Class in the world. The crew was also very friendly. I’m hoping that the airline will base a couple of 787s in Toronto in the future. TICO registration number: 50018683. Once we took off, he helped my toddler with her IFE and put on Frozen for her. A spectacular view of the world The biggest window size of any aircraft, positioned so that everyone can enjoy the views In this video, I’ll share with you a quick review from the Dreamliner business class, followed by the first look at the new Elevation Lounge before it opens next week on Monday, November 2. The WestJet 787 has a snack area that is cleverly carved out just behind the Premium Economy cabin. 787 dreamliner business class - WestJet. The new Business Class on the WestJet 787 features deep teal seats with tan and bright teal accents. WestJet was smart to have leveraged on his years of experience in designing some of the world’s best in-flight product and service. Taxes for U.S., Mexico and Caribbean destinations can fluctuate based on exchange rate. Photo by Gavin Young / Postmedia Network The new aircraft made a great addition to the low-cost carrier’s fleet, which is distinctly not a traditional LCC at all. Containers measure 64 in. He belted up my kids. For the unaware, lots of Canadians spend long weekends and summers on cottages on lakes where loons signal dawn. She was a happy trooper for the rest of the flight. He then walked in with us to help us settle down. While many airlines use the entire space between doors one and two on the 787-9 for business class, WestJet squeezes both business and premium economy in that space, and then the rest of the plane is economy. It’s the little touches that matter. Seat map of the Boeing 787-9 Business class seats are the seats of … WestJet’s 787 business class has so much potential. I know, because traveling with kids is…different! After a while, you feel like you’re in a luxurious sports car, not an aircraft. As my wife and I struggled with two toddlers, their strollers, jackets, hats, mittens and all, he offered to help us. *Note: WestJet paid for our flights to experience the new Business Class on the inaugural flight. The biggest window size of any aircraft, positioned so that everyone can enjoy the views, Dreamliner interior includes high vaulted ceiling, wide body, and adjustable LED lighting, No more shades - windows are dimmable at the touch of a button, Dreamliners use 25% less fuel per passenger compared with aircraft of a similar size, 10% more fuel efficient than the best of its competition, according to Boeing, More humid cabin air means your throat and eyes suffer less dryness, Cabin is pressurized to 2,000 ft lower than the standard 6000ft, making it easier to breathe, HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtering technology - the same used in hospital operating rooms, A quiet air conditioner and technology that reduces vibrations in sidewalls, ceilings, and softens engine noise, Better speakers make the public address system easy to hear. Their new 787-9 Dreamliner features a brand new lie flat business class, the first time they have flown this cabin in their history. region being advertised, the images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not accurately reflect the product being advertised. This includes a “soothing alpine lake blue” in Economy class, “Aurora-inspired” colours in Premium class and earth tones in Business class that are inspired by the “splendour of Canadian summers.” For an in-depth video and a 360-degree experience, head to Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operated by WestJet may accommodate 320 passengers in three classes. Having flown on so many different airlines, you may wonder where I felt the WestJet 787 fell short. Your bed will be made and the mood lighting is switched to the “northern lights mode”. Join us on a tour through the cabin of our brand new 787 #Dreamliner. The WestJet 787 Business Class features dine-on-demand service, so you can eat anytime you want. Transfers not included unless otherwise specified. The dreamliners are capable of flying long distances non-stop and will compete directly with Air Canada The premium in cash fare is $444.38. His new book on airline marketing, SOAR, is an Amazon bestseller that’s shaking up the industry and inspiring other industries to learn from the best airlines. Advertised prices, taxes and fees may fluctuate based on exchange rate. The new Business cabin has arrived with WestJet’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

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