A day in IER call centre

A day in IER call centre

Working in an emergency response centre can be very challenging, you are responsible for making ‘on the spot’ decisions that could permanently impact the life of another human being.

One of our team members, iER Manager Monique Delport; has answered a few of our ‘most asked questions’, to give you a glimpse into her daily life at the iER call centre.

What is the typical day at the iER Call centre like?

It all depends on the amount of calls we receive.

Some days consist of craziness – one hardly has time to take a breather – and other days might be a tad quieter. This also depends on the days of the week and month; weekends and holidays tend to be very busy.

I always need to be ready for anything that might come my way. I can’t predict what type of call I might get next.

What type of training does an iER call centre agent undergo?

iER ensures each agent is adequately trained, and has implemented in-house training through a LMS (Learner Management System) program.

Courses are rolled out on a weekly basis. As an example, we have IER Policies and Mobile App Product training, which assists our response agents with refresher training so they are up to date with any new developments within our organization.

On the Job Training is also a requirement, in which the team uses scenario based questions to ensure consistency across board.

Is the job a stressful one?

Definitely! As an agent, you are essentially responsible for saving a life.

Agents are managing the whole process, from receiving alerts to dispatching the correct service providers in an efficient time frame. The agents also communicate with the families of victims, which is stressful in itself. People always remember the agent who assisted them during a crisis.

Can you tell us about an incident you managed?

The iER call centre received an alert pertaining to a member of the public who had been shot while trying to escape from his own, alleged criminal activity.

The person was shot and a police officer required assistance from iER to dispatch an ambulance. We were required to dispatch a state ambulance as the member did not have medical cover and shortly thereafter the matter was attended to and the patient was transported to state hospital. He was stabilized and then taken into custody.

Our main focus at iER is to assist as efficiently and effectively as we possibly can.  Our core function is saving lives.

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