A road safety guide to the festive season

A road safety guide to the festive season

The festive season is notorious for the increase in road accidents that come with it each year.

It is believed that the rise in the intake of alcohol over many days can hinder inhibitions, causing many unnecessary incidents that put the lives of thousands of South Africans in danger. This is even truer on the country’s roads.

December to January is a fun-filled time, spent with family and friends; and iER wants you to enter 2019 unscathed, so we’ve listed a couple of tips and tricks to get you through the festive season all in one piece.

Don’t drink and drive

Alcohol severely hampers your judgement, vision and other senses, making you a danger behind the wheel.

The Automobile Association (the “AA”) says, “Alcohol significantly slows reaction time and distorts your vision, and the effects of a heavy night of drinking could well affect your driving ability the next morning, and you may still even be over the legal limit. After only one unit of alcohol, your chances of being in an accident are doubled, and when you are at the legal limit of 0.24mg, you are four times more likely to be in an accident.”

Be well rested

Driving when you’re tired is as dangerous as being intoxicated behind the wheel.

The Sleep Foundation says that being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive like you have a blood alcohol level of .05. If you’ve been awake for a full 24 hours it has the same effect as if you are over the legal limit.

With all of the activities you have planned for the holidays, make sure to schedule in enough hours of sleep, whether you are driving or not. Rested people can think clearer.

Always keep a spare

Always keep a spare tire in your boot in case of a flat or wheel burst, especially if you will be going on long trips this festive season. Actually, keeping a few tools like a wheel brace, jack and flashlight would bode well, in case anything goes wrong on the journey.

Always have your car serviced before embarking on long road trips.

Should you require emergency assistance, iER is dedicated emergency response and disaster management network, simply download our App and help will be a tap away.

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