Access Security Services Using the iER App

Access Security Services Using the iER App

MJS Security and 4WARN Security are top class security and armed response services located in the Free State and in Gauteng respectively. iER management is pleased to assure all mobile app users that their safety is in good hands.

What Are the Roles of Security Guards During an Emergency?

Research confirms that security guards are trained to respond in every kind of emergency. However, their response will vary according to each specific type of emergency.  Often, the nature of an emergency depends on the information shared at the onset of an incoming alert.

For instance, in an emergency scenario where an intruder has broken into your home and you have sent in an alert security response must investigate the main cause of alarm, secure the area.

  • Infrared Alarms:
    • These are the most common alarms that detect motion in large areas by picking up the changes in heat.
  • Seismic Alarms:
    • These detect physical shocks in different frequency ranges like breaking glass.
  • Ultrasonic Alarms:
    • These are a rare type of alarms that detects motion using bouncing sound waves.
  • Physical Contact:
    • These alarms go active when the two parts of a sensor come apart when a door or a window is being opened.
  • Photo-Electric Beams:
    • This type of alarm goes active when it detects a visible or infrared beam being broken.
  • Microwave:
    • This detects movements using bouncing microwaves.
  • Vibration:
    • This alarm detects movements using sensitive sensors mounted on structures like fences.
  • Trip wires:
    • It detects when someone physically bumps a strung wire.

Use the iER App as your Panic Button

People experience challenges when accessing South Africa’s emergency, safety and security services. Unexpected incidents happen all the time and there are limited functional national emergency response systems in place.

Adding the MJS Security group to the iER network of service providers expands their capacity to respond to more people in Virginia and Welkom in the Free State.

Adding the 4WARN security to the iER network of service providers expands their capacity to respond to more people in Benoni, in Ekurhuleni municipality, Gauteng.

Learn More:

iER is a FREE emergency response app available for download and can be used on an Android, iOS or HarmonyOS smartphone – Connecting you to emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your mobile internet connection and location are required for you to send alerts for emergency assistance. iER is ideal for use by everyone in medical emergencies, police emergencies and any other life-threatening situations.

Download the iER App:

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