Award for “Support Centre of the year”

Award for “Support Centre of the year”

[g5plus_heading title=”The Civilian Crime Intelligence Network (CCIN)” des_title=”Founded by its executive head, Dr Reza Patel”]

Recently held a convention to commemorate all their endorsed role players collaborating with them in the fight against crime in various communities across South Africa.

iER Manager Monique Delport attended the Civilians Crime Intelligence Network Convention to accept an award for the “Support Centre of the Year” and deliver a speech on how the iER App assists individuals and communities in emergency situations.

Since the launch of the mobile app in 2016, iER has been an active member of the CCIN as their preferred service provider for emergency response and crime prevention.

The convention was held to highlight crime prevention measures taken by CCIN and its collaborative partners in recent months. Some key features included showing community members SAPS simulations and video footage of successful crime intervention.

The uniqueness is that it connects its users to a national network of emergency personnel, including but not limited to, private armed response teams, SAPS, ambulance services, emergency medical evacuation and fire departments at the push of one button.

“Cohesion of competencies works” – Dr Reza Patel

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