Being followed? Follow these tips to lose them

Being followed? Follow these tips to lose them

It can be a scary realisation, especially if you are alone, that someone could be following you. Whether you are walking, driving or even walking in a public place like the mall, it is easy to notice someone lurking behind you suspiciously.


How do I know that I’m not just being paranoid?

Pay attention to your gut feelings. You’ll often intuitively know when something is wrong. How many times have you seen this stranger in your space? If you are running into the same person at least three times in a row in a short time, the alarm bell should be ringing.

Look around you, is it a normal place for people to be walking up and down past each other? Is this person hiding behind something? Have you made eye contact, and what was the reaction?

If you are driving, how many turns have you made since a particular car has been following you? Check your surroundings and assess your position. Are you on a main, popular road? Or is the area obscure and specific?


What do I do once I have established I have a tail?

Art of Manliness says to mix up your routine. If you’ve got a daily routine, you are likely to see the same people at the same time at the same places. For example, if you go to the gym every day at 6 pm, you’re probably going to see the same people there. So it’s hard to tell if someone you always see some place is following you, or just has a similar routine to yours.

“Take it slow. This will allow you to see how aggressive the tail is. If your tail is sitting a few cars back, he/she is looking to document activity,” Rod Devine, a licensed private investigator and owner of Devine Intervention Detective Services, tells Hopes&Fears.

Do not go to any destination that will give your pursuer any information about you, such as your work, your home, or any loved ones’ residences. Keep driving in public and high traffic areas, says Hopes and Fears. On a highway, you can use large semi-trucks to your advantage. Wait for the right moment to weave in front of a truck without enough room for your tail to follow, nor see you. When you are out of your tail’s vision, you can quickly get off at the next exit before he/she has time to do the same.

If you believe you are in danger, contact the authorities immediately.

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