Business Robberies

Business Robberies

Businesses can face different kinds of crimes. For example, violent robberies and employee theft are common. It doesn’t matter how small the criminal activity is; business owners feel the financial impact, nonetheless.

There are ways to stay vigilant and protect your business from various crimes. Moreover, security measures can reduce the risk of your customers being victimised. Read on to find out about prevention tips for your business and recommendations to follow during a robbery.

Prevention Tips for Your Business:

Train Your Staff

It’s crucial to have robbery guidelines that you share with your staff. Prevention tips are essential for everyone to know how to respond to an emergency. For instance, you should ensure clearance of sensitive information to specific staff members.

This can help safeguard crucial information should a robbery occur. Most importantly, you can conduct a risk assessment to show your employees the most vulnerable parts of your business. The main thing to remember is to reduce potential factors that can make your business victims of violent crimes.

Stay Alert

You should stay mindful of what’s happening in your business. In most cases, crimes are committed by someone who knows your business operations. You should act fast to avoid consequences if you notice any suspicious activity.
You can also stay alert to prevent crime by using social media to keep up-to-date with activity around your neighbourhood or by using an efficient integrated emergency alert system like the iER App.

Enhance Security Measures

There are significant ways to prevent or reduce crime for your business. Investing in improving your security measures can go a long way. Your priority should be security to discourage easy access to your business premises.

These are effective access control systems that you can consider:

Hire a Security Company

Sometimes, it’s better to rely on a security company to protect your business. If your business deals with cash payments, having security guards on duty can help discourage criminals from gaining access to your premises. They can monitor your business and provide real-time responses to any criminal activity.

Collaborate with Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Through unity, local communities can do much more to help prevent crime for members and businesses. Neighbourhood watch initiatives have been helpful for communities that want to reduce the risks of violent crime. Connect with neighbourhood watch groups in your area to know what to look for when it comes to crime trends that can affect your business.

Use a CCTV System

Installing a CCTV system can help limit vulnerabilities your business is exposed to. Active security systems can help reduce or prevent crime. It can also help find the culprits faster when you have active security systems.

Choose Cashless Payment Systems

A significant benefit of choosing digital payment systems for your business is the potential reduction of crime. It doesn’t leave your business vulnerable to large amounts of stolen cash. If your business does require some money for day-to-day operations, it’s essential to ensure you make bank deposits often.

However, even digital payments aren’t foolproof. For instance, your business can still be exposed to cyber-attacks and fraud. It’s crucial to have proper security systems in place.

Tips to Handle a Business Robbery

If the unfortunate happens and you end up a victim of a business robbery, you should remember to follow these helpful tips:

  • Avoid making any sudden moves.
  • Don’t attack, confront, or chase the criminal.
  • Do everything you are told to do for your safety.
  • Avoid volunteering sensitive information unless you are forced to.
  • Use the iER App to contact emergency service providers when it’s safe.

Types of Crimes Affecting Business Owners

Burglary: These are standard break-ins that most business owners deal with. Take reasonable precautions to reduce the risk of your business being an easy target for criminals.
Robberies: These are usually violent crimes involving guns and harassment being used to force a business owner and staff to hand money and other assets to criminals.
Employee Theft: Research suggests that over 60% of small businesses have experienced employee theft. Ensure you install cameras and audit your books frequently.

In conclusion, business robberies affect most business owners in various ways. It’s crucial to put measures in place to help avoid such crimes’ consequences. The iER App connects business owners to over 13 000 medical and non-medical emergency service providers in case of a robbery.

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