Can I use the iER alert in situations where I feel unsafe?

Can I use the iER alert in situations where I feel unsafe?

The iER app is for emergencies, but what constitutes an emergency? Sometimes you might find yourself is a precarious situation, unsure of whether or not you may be in danger. In these instances, is it fine for you to use the iER app, preventatively?

Yes, you can use the iER app if you feel unsafe.

The iER call centre will determine the nature of your emergency and what response is required. If you use the panic button, the trained personnel on the other end of the line will determine whether or not you need assistance.

The iER call centre will be able to respond to your emergency situation 24 hours a day, every day.

iER will track your emergency to ensure that you receive the most appropriate intervention and follow up by notifying your family emergency contacts and group contacts to ensure your safety. So even if there isn’t an imminent threat, the app can still contact your approved family contacts so that they can assist you if need be.

Tips to stay safe

  • It is imperative that you take precaution in order to keep your environment as safe as possible.
  • Always travel in pairs, or in groups, especially in the evening.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is serviced and that your tyres are inflated so that you don’t break down on the side of the road.
  • Always tell someone where you are going. If you plan to meet with a stranger, or you are going to a party far away, be sure to tell a friend of your whereabouts. This will ensure that someone will be looking for you in case you don’t return home within reasonable time.
  • When driving alone, don’t have any valuable possessions visible on your seats. This is a hijacking hazard. Always keep your doors locked.
  • iER is connected to a database of 1000s of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to your emergency.

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