Can I use the iER App if I am not on the scene?

Can I use the iER App if I am not on the scene?

The iER app has many functions, so that it cab be of assistance in various emergencies in many ways. If you are the victim of a crime, there is a panic button that you can press, which will alert all relevant parties to your whereabouts. However, to use the app, you do not have to be at the scene of the crime. It is best to move to safety as much as possible, instead of staying in a dangerous situation.

If you are the party who has been alerted that someone is in danger, you can use your app to alert others, without you being at the scene.

iER is a dedicated emergency response and disaster management network designed to respond to the emergency needs of all South Africans. A national network that connects you to a centralised 24-hour call centre that dispatches emergency personnel when you need them.

What if my friend received the alert?

When you get an alert, it will show you the emergency and the location of the person. If you want directions to the scene, you can press the blue arrow, which will give you a map to the location. You can call the person by pressing the telephone button. If you are accepting the alert, you can also send a note to the person.

When you receive an alert, you can respond by saying that you can assist or that you are unable to help, and you can even forward the alert to someone else.

iER offers members three different plan options.

It is Standard that everyone gets full and free access to the service providers on the network, as the iER App is free on all devices, and on all networks. If you want to upgrade to a package that allows you access to utilise iER’s full cover, there is a Premium Plan and a Premium Plan Plus that offer loads of extras for post emergency protocol, for a nominal fee.

Download it today and keep yourself and your family safe.

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