CIT Heists

CIT Heists

The level of crime in South Africa has taken a turn for the worse. As the economy takes a hit, there is a noticeable rise in cash-in-transit robberies. These violent and financially crippling criminal acts have caused massive damage and fatalities of unsuspecting victims.

The current economic situation is concerning and requires more action by the government to reduce the devastating crime rates affecting millions nationwide. Read on to find out more about cash-in-transit heists and how you can maintain personal safety if you witness this type of robbery.

The Rise of Cash-in-Transit Heists

Did you know that one of the most common aggravated robberies is cash-in-transit heists? As the massive holiday season draws closer, there are increasing reports of these robberies. Not only does it pose extreme danger for communities, but it’s also a high-level risk for the economy.

The violence associated with this specific lawless act is concerning. Often, criminals use dangerous explosives and high-end guns to carry out these robberies. Cash-in-transit heists increase the risks of endangering security personnel and innocent bystanders.

Cash-in-Transit Contributing Factors

According to research, robberies are one of the most feared crimes in South Africa. The main concern is the level of violence that’s associated with these crimes. A survey conducted by Statistics South Africa in 2022 highlighted the underlying factors contributing to the rise in violent crimes like robbery.

Poverty and inequality can be seen as the main influencing factors; however, other consequences can lead to a life of crime. These are some of the other main reasons that can encourage individuals towards criminal activities:

  • Experiencing violence from early childhood.
  • Toxic and stressful environments.
  • Childhood neglect.
  • Influence from peers.
  • Substance use addiction.

What to do During a Cash-in-Transit Heist

Make your safety a priority if you find yourself witnessing a cash-in-transit heist. In most cases, you won’t have enough training to act in such a situation. However, you can consider keeping these safety tips in mind:

Vacate the Area

If you witness a heist at a bank or shopping mall, try to vacate the area immediately. If it’s on the freeway, ensure enough distance between your car and the perpetrators. This can help reduce the risk of being caught in the crossfire of armed and dangerous criminals and the police.

Contact Emergency Responders

In most cases, a cash-in-transit heist can lead to someone getting injured. If you are at a safe distance and see anyone in danger, use your iER App to access emergency responders like police units and medical service providers. The iER App has silent alert and panic button functions to prioritise your safety during an armed robbery.

Keep Evidence

If you witness a heist and record it on your smartphone or with your car dashboard camera, you should share it with local authorities instead of social media. It can help the police investigate the crime, potentially leading to successful arrests. Ensure you’re not at risk of being seen by the suspects if you try to capture anything.

Other Factors to Consider

There are many security guards and innocent bystanders who have been victims of fatalities because of cash-in-transit heists. It’s crucial to understand the seriousness of this crime. For instance, criminals use explosives and are heavily armed.

Keeping and moving money has become a risky business for everyone. Armed robbery remains a severe crime that can traumatise you emotionally and physically if you are a victim caught in the crossfire. Additionally, it can lead to unwanted fatalities that can be prevented through proper safety awareness.

In summary, violent crimes continue to rise as the country struggles with high levels of unemployment, poverty, and related social factors. Armed robberies are becoming increasingly normal to witness on the news or while you are out running everyday errands. Ensure you have the iER App on your smartphone to send an emergency alert if you are ever caught in the crossfire of a cash-in-transit heist.

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