Common Christmas Injuries to avoid

Common Christmas Injuries to avoid

The festive season has the highest number of deaths, as well as emergency room visits recorded throughout the year, every year. Many of these deaths and injuries are from accidents specific to the silly season.


Everyone loves setting up Christmas lights and busking in the greens, blues and reds associated with the season. But if not done safely, setting up lights can end badly, with either the house’s circuit board malfunctioning or someone getting electrocuted.

When setting up the large-scale Christmas light displays, be sure to hire a professional. For smaller scale DIY installations, make sure that all wires are secure and keep all drinks away from plugs and outlets. Check that all wires have the proper silicone coverings and that there are no loose metal bits. Secure all bulbs and check for any duds or sparks.


Wear the appropriate attire when preparing meals, especially on Christmas day. Food is a big part of the festivities in December. Oven burns, oil scalding and other food-related burns are pretty common.

Wear mittens, aprons and if necessary, gas masks when working with smokers and over the braai.


Broken glass, chipped ornaments, carving knives; dangerous objects are everywhere!

Staver warns that lacerations often occur when fragile ornaments shatter and break. If you break an ornament, make sure you carefully sweep or vacuum the entire room in the event of a breakage.

More serious wounds are often reported with the use of saws, pocket knives and other things used to open large gifts, or when people attempt to cut down their own, real Christmas trees.

Always remember to cut away from you, pointing the knife in an outward direction.

The site continues that if you feel you must reshape your tree, make sure there is nothing in the way that could cause you to fall. You should also keep your body parts out of the way of any sharp tools.

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