Cool new gadgets that could save your life

Cool new gadgets that could save your life

Technology is a wonderful thing. These days, there are loads of gadgets that you can buy to have with you in case of an emergency. Besides having a cellphone with you wherever you go (which can help you alert the necessary authorities to any found play, especially if you have the iER app and panic button), you can have a whole arsenal inside your purse.

And we aren’t only speaking of weapons. There are many gadgets and tools that can be used to summon help, or save your own life.

Rescue me Balloon

The Rescue Me Balloon is an emergency beacon, much like a flare gun, but less aggressive. It powers up by absorbing solar energy during the day, and when needed at night, one only needs to release the cap and the bright orange device will float up for 150metres. The emergency beacon will alert anyone of your location by glowing above you.

It is travel size and fits nicely inside your pocket. Perfect for hikers and divers.

Swiss Tech Key Ring

Like the Swiss Knife, the Swiss Tech Key Ring is a multifaceted ring with all your emergency needs including a torch, a hammer, a strap cutter, an alarm beacon, a window breaker, a tire pressure gauge and more! Perfect for keeping in your car says Awesome Inventions.


A New York company has merged fashion jewellery and safety, inventing a tech-assisted safety ring that makes a frightful, intolerable loud alarm (exceeding 110 decibels) that can be activated in less than 2 seconds when positioned close to the ear, explains Interesting Engineering.

In addition to startling an attacker, it will alert people nearby to the fact that you are in danger. The alarm can be heard from more than 50 feet away.

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