A high percentage of licenses are awarded to new drivers with bribes. This means that the people who are on the roads with you do not understand the rules of the road. They are a danger to you and to themselves.

Incompetent accident scene investigators allow negligent drivers to get off or innocent drivers to get charged. This is because they are not trained properly and they simply do not care.

According to this article, there are more than 10 000 fatal accidents per year. That’s around 27 fatal accidents per day. PER DAY. Over 17 000 people are killed each year in these accidents. Just remember that this is just fatal accidents. In statistics from 2014, South Africa was announced as the worst out of 36 countries in a global safety report on traffic accidents and law enforcement.

Lost data, mismanaged data and blatant fabrication.

What we think we know about our roads and the realities are far worse:

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