On Wednesday, January 18th, a contractor’s site foreman from Windoworx, Danie Muler, fell off a ladder, while working on a large house in Northcliff. The ladder was on a second story landing and he fell onto the tiled patio, a full story and a half.

He is in his late 50’s and was seriously injured with possible back injuries and broken bones. He was bleeding profusely from a head wound.

On trying to contact emergency services, the wife of the home owner used the iER app to activate an emergency dispatch.

iER dispatched paramedics as well as an ambulance. Within 10 minutes after the emergency activation, 2 paramedic vehicles arrived with 8 paramedics, a few minutes later the ambulance arrived with a further 3 medical personnel.

The injured man was transferred to Milpark Hospital where he was admitted under his employer’s workman’s compensation policy.

While in theatre getting x-rayed and having his injuries seen to, he suffered a massive heart attack and flat-lined twice. He was brought back to life with a defibrillator.

After an operation in ICU to insert stents into his heart arteries, he stabilised.

After the operation, the surgeon informed the family that if he had not been on hospital that day, he would have suffered the heart attack within the next two days and would most probably have died.

Hilton Truran, the company owner, said, “If it wasn’t for iER, Danie would be dead. There was no other way we knew of to get an ambulance to the scene that quickly. It is scary to think that if Danie hadn’t fallen off a ladder and if iER hadn’t been able to get him to a hospital, he would have died. Everyone needs iER.”

Danie returned to work the following Monday – by choice, as he was bored at home. He is obviously taking it very easy.

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