Driving Safely

Driving Safely

The festive season is known to be a dangerous time to be on the road, seeing as it brings a rise in road accidents each year.

Earlier this month we posted some tips on how to stay safe on the roads this festive season.

Don’t drink and drive, alcohol hinders your judgement and slows down your reaction time, and when it comes to accidents, a few seconds can change your life.

Be well rested, driving tired is as bad as driving intoxicated. While there is so much fun to be had, make sure you rest too.

Always keep a spare, this tip is essential for long journeys and in general; you always want to be prepared.

Another tip is to download the iER app; our centralised 24-hour call centre that dispatches emergency and/or security personnel when you need them.

A simple tap of a button and we can connect you to whichever service you require. Our call centre agents are trained to help you through any emergency with ease.

As a driver on the road during this period, remember these few driving safety tips:

  • Do not multi-task, keep your attention on the road at all times; and do not use your phone or any device while driving.
  • Drive at a reasonable speed, speeding gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident.
  • Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing- expect the unexpected- and assume other motorists will do something crazy. The best way to be prepared is to avoid.
  • Adjust your seat, mirrors and climate controls before driving off. Pull over to eat or drink; It will only take a few minutes.
  • Don’t allow children to fight, jump or climb around in your car – they should ALWAYS be buckled in their seats. This ensures you don’t lose focus and ensures they will be safe at all times.

From the iER team to your family, stay safe this season and have a Happy New Year!

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