Easy home security

Easy home security

Burglars can strike your home at any time, which is why adequate security is a priority. It doesn’t matter if you move into a new home or live in your current home for decades – your home is meant to give you peace of mind. Home security can help you feel safe.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on securing your home. There are inexpensive DIY home security ideas that are very effective. Either way, you can work towards your home feeling like a safe retreat where you are happy and protected. The iER app is an affordable, instant approach to any immediate dangers lurking nearby. 


Gate access denied

Lifting gates is a popular hack for burglars. You can prevent this by securing your gate with anti-life brackets.

Sliding gates are usually moved with crowbars. Prevent the burglar from doing this by welding a flat bar on the gate rack to ensure that it is not removed. 

An intercom is usually only answerable when you are home. Burglars ring the intercom to check if anyone is in the house. Use your smartphone to connect to your intercom, and you will have access to who is ringing it. 

Your gate remote works best if it is a modern version with up-to-date technology. Older remotes stand a chance of being copied, or the settings can be replicated. 


Secure the doors

Safewise says that 34% of burglars stroll through front doors. It is essential to inspect your exterior doors – specifically for strong door frames and protected hinges. Inspect doors with mail slots, too, as a burglar may try to unlock your door by putting their arm through the slow.

When you take over a residence from other people, change your locks first. By doing this, you restrict strangers who may have access to your home with a key. 

Your main doors can be made of solid material with many locks that can lock your door at various points. 


Lock your windows

Criminals commonly enter yours via the windows. You may have left the window unlocked, or your lock isn’t effective and flimsy.

Beef up your security with aftermarket window locks or key-operated levers. Other ideas to help burglar-proof your windows are reinforcing the glass with window security film or installing windows with brake sensors. Window bars also help and plant prickly bushes under your first-floor windows.


Fit in a small safe

A big, heavy and expensive safe aren’t necessary to secure your valuables from thieves. There are small cafes that serve the same purpose. 

The value of a safe fluctuates according to whether it offers fire protection or digital or biometric opening systems. A wall safe or cylinder floor safe is best positioned when bolted to the floor. Most safes have holes inside of them for bolting. 

Hide your safe in a discrete corner, like your cupboard or mount it behind a picture to cover it. 


Conceal spare keys in a Lock Box

It is a risky decision to hide your house key on your premises because there are burglars who can find them. Hiding your house keys on your property after you have been burgled is often refused by insurance companies. 

Instead of placing it under a rock, conceal your key in a combination lockbox. The lockbox can be screwed to your fence or another inconspicuous spot. It is suggested not to use short screws because a burglar can easily pull the box off its spot. Try to use long stainless steel screws instead.


Install cameras

You can keep an eye on your home by installing cameras inside and outside of your house. The latest and easy-to-use smart security camera can connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

There is a wide range of security cameras. Opt for cameras with the motion-triggered record, infrared night vision, and two-way audio capability. 


Outdoor lights

By lighting up your driveway and garden, you illuminate ways for intruders to operate. They usually get to ‘work’ when it is dark. The lights help navigate their way on your premises. 

Security experts say that the most effective option is motion-activated security lights. They can be installed around the perimeter of your house. Burglars are less likely to break into your home when a spotlight is put on them. 


A good security provider makes a difference.

A reliable security provider is registered with the South African Intruder Detection Service Associations (SAIDSA). Knowing this guarantees that the provider has the essential equipment and the employees are trained. 

Hunting for a good house includes the security features and the providers in the area. Research is always the best way to find out what benefits you and your family. It makes you less of a target to burglars and knows where your local police station is.


The iER App is 100% FREE to use on your smart device. There are no in-app purchases or adverts.

iER uses your mobile internet connection to receive your alerts, chat with you and update you with the status of your alert. 


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