Nearly R 1 million meant for EMS supplies simply gets diverted by North West Provincial Government to buy… a car.

The issue with emergency service in South Africa, is not just a lack of services, it is also a lack of training, skills and congruence at the call centre level. Inefficient systems and poor location tracking increase response times to hours. This is a long document, but covers South Africa:

If it wasn’t for the private sector ambulances, which in truth only service the top minority of citizens, medical rescue service in South Africa would probably come to a standstill.

The iER call centre is fully integrated with members – your profile includes multiple contacts, next of kin, address, insurance details, family members – every possible piece of information that you need in an emergency situation.

The iER call centre is also fully integrated with all the emergency response service providers who we dispatch in your time of need. If you press the emergency button in the iER App, we get into action immediately.

What these articles show for certain is that the departments who are supposed to manage this data and create strategies for combating the insane number of deaths and accidents on our roads do not know what they are doing.

With iER you are connected, via the mobile app and our call centre, to 1000’s of emergency medical responders who will get to you and attend to you as soon as possible – whether you are in an accident or in an unsafe environment.

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