Facebook security settings you should know about

Facebook security settings you should know about

Social media can be addicting and most people spend hours a day online, scrolling, commenting and posting pictures. One of the biggest and first social media sites is the ever-popular Facebook, which has over a billion users.

However, as social media advance, so does the threat of falling victim to a cybercrime. From identity theft to your pictures being stolen for catfishing purposes, being on social media can be as dangerous as it is fun.

Luckily, Facebook has also moved with the times and has made several security options available for users, so that they can control their online experiences.

If you do not want everyone to be able to see your uploads, you now have the option of making your account private. This means that you can limit viewing access to close friends or family. If you want to take it further, you can even block certain family members and friends from seeing certain posts.

If you choose to go post by post, instead of privatising your entire account, bear in mind that Facebook remembers the setting from your last post. This means that if your last post was public, your next post will also be public, unless you choose otherwise.

Password change
If you feel that your account may have been hacked and that your information may be compromised, you can change your password at any time.

To change your Facebook password, go to Settings > Security and login > Change password. It is a very simple process. If you have signed up for Facebook with an email address, you will need to verify the password change by clicking on a verification link that Facebook will email to you. If you registered for Facebook with a phone number, you will need to verify the password change via SMS.

Hide personal information
Even if your account is private, people who search for your profile may still be able to see a preview of your information in order to be able to send you a friend request.

Trusted Reviews explains that you can alter who sees what by heading to the About section of your profile and selecting Edit under each section. To alter privacy settings from Friends to Only Me will hide the information from your profile. In many cases you may want to remove it completely by clicking the X.

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