Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iER?

iER is a dedicated emergency response and disaster management network designed to respond to the emergency needs of all South Africans. A national network that connects you to a centralised 24-hour call centre that dispatches emergency personnel when you need them.

You can send instant alerts via the iER mobile application which is linked directly to the iER call centre. The mobile application is functional on Android, HarmonyOS and iOS mobile devices.

iER is NOT available on:

  • Microsoft
  • Blackberry
  • Android 4.2 or earlier versions
  • iOS 8 or earlier versions (anything less than an iPhone 5)

How do I send out an alert?

Your mobile internet connection and location are required for you to send alerts for emergency assistance.

Open the application on your phone by selecting the iER Logo.

For Version 4.1 users:


The app will display a wheel of options for you to select the relevant emergency with the ability to add a message with additional details.

For Version 4.2 users:


The app will display 2 options, General and Silent, for you to select with the ability to add a message with additional details.


Once you have selected an option, a notification is sent to the call centre with your exact location. They will contact you to ascertain the nature of the emergency and then dispatch the necessary service providers.

Alternatively, you can call into the iER call centre on 0861 10 60 80 where an agent will assist to connect you with the necessary service provider.

Why is the iER APP asking for so much information?

iER is about getting you the help you need in the fastest time. If we don’t have your relevant information we will not be able to assist you as effectively – so the more information you provide us, the better.

  • Keep Personal Information up to date.
  • Store Medical Information for emergencies – such as your blood type, allergies, and any chronic conditions.

Just remember, this is not about giving your information to anybody, it is about keeping you safe and providing you with the correct and most efficient assistance when you need it.

Why does the iER APP need so many rights?

When you install the iER App, it will need access to certain features on your phone such as your camera and GPS. Why?

  • Camera: To capture images when sending a photo alert.
  • Contacts: So, your contacts can be added as friends.*
  • Location: Either through triangulation or GPS so we can pinpoint your location when you send an Alert.
  • Microphone/Phone: The application needs to be able to call on your behalf, should you not be able to. (When the feature is activated)
  • Storage: The application needs to copy and save certain information and be able to cache certain data such as icons so that you can view your history.
  • Identity: For location and map data.

*Rights may differ between version 4.1 and version 4.2.

Who can find me - who do you share information with?

The iER call centre will only access your information when an alert is submitted. The information will then be provided to the necessary security or emergency response personnel to ensure that you receive the appropriate help as soon as possible.

How do I create a call?

Click on the ‘Cells’ icon at the bottom of the page in the iER App. Once you have tapped on the ‘Cells’ tab, you can navigate between public and private cells. You can create a new public or private cell and add friends from your iER App contacts once your cell has been created. When sending an alert, you can choose the specific cell you would like to notify – if you see something suspicious in your suburb for example.

*This function is not available on version 4.2.

How do I invite a friend?

Click on the ‘Friends’ icon at the bottom of the page in the iER app.

This will reflect 3 tabs, Search, Request or Friends.

  • In the search tab, you can search for an iER App contact.
  • In the request tab, you can see who has sent you a friend request.
  • In the Friends tab, you can see all your iER App Friends.

On any of these tabs, you have access to the yellow add contact button where you can import all your contacts from your address book or invite people from your address book.

You are also able to invite friends via WhatsApp, E-mail, QR code or SMS.

*This function is not available on version 4.2.

What does the 'Map' icon do?

If you tap on the ‘Map’ icon, you will be taken to the main page of the iER App where you can send an alert by tapping on the type of emergency you have and submitting the relevant details.

*This function is not available on version 4.2.

Can I use the iER APP if I am not on scene?

Yes you can.

Should you be reporting an incident at another location, you can still use the iER App and enter the applicable details in the message block.

The more information we have, the easier it is for us to dispatch the appropriate services.  If time however does not permit, the correct location and on scene contact details can be given to our Response Agent when they contact you.

We will always ask for an on scene contact number for the services that we dispatch.  This is to confirm what services are required, that they have arrived on scene and  that the call is still valid.

Will a call ever be missed?

If you use the iER App, a call will never be missed.

Should you send a request via WhatsApp, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist as soon as we would have if an iER App Alert had been received.  As a result, we have requested for all users to move over to the iER App to ensure immediate assistance.

Is the iER APP free?

Downloading the iER app may use some data, however usage of the app is completely free.


iER also has a paid product that will include insurance cover. Please look at the membership page for more information regarding the different plan options.

Do you have a preferred service provider?

No, we dispatch the closest available, appropriate service provider.

Should you wish to join the iER Provider Network, please contact us on 0861 10 60 80.  Alternatively, you can email us on  Please allow 1 working day for a response to your request.

Other queries?

For any queries, please email us on for assistance.

Please allow 1 working day for a response to email queries.

Alternatively, please contact us on 0861 10 60 80.

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