General Awareness Of Increasing Crime Levels

General Awareness Of Increasing Crime Levels

During the holiday season,  most people tend to focus on much needed rest and making memories with loved ones while overlooking crucial safety awareness. However, increasing crime trends around this time of the year are expected and keeping track of criminal activity that affects your safety is essential.

Did you know that there has been a steady increase in contact and violent crimes over the years? The primary offences are money-related crimes. Mall robberies, hijackings and ATM scams continue to affect unsuspecting victims. Read on for more general awareness about increasing crime incidents, nationwide.

The Importance of Crime Awareness

Situational awareness is one of the main things to keep in mind if you want to reduce the risk of being a victim of violent contact crimes. You can consider a few things to help you react better in specific circumstances. Here are three key aspects to improve the safety of your business and home.

Access Control

If you are planning to be away over the holidays, ensure that your property is protected from intruders. Enhanced security and controlling access to your home or business can be achieved through various means. For instance, install burglar guards on windows and doors, have security locks put in or opt for advanced systems such as alarms and intercoms.

Enhance Surveillance

Numerous video surveillance systems have been developed to help reduce crime. Improving your sense of security can provide peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about intrusions while away. Security cameras have become a cost-effective measure to help prevent crime or reduce the number of incidents.

Deflect Perpetrators

Your home can become an easy target when criminals know you have left it vacant. It’s crucial to consider ways to make your property appear occupied even when you aren’t around. For example, you can leave the lights on or ask someone you trust to monitor any activity for a few hours.

Crimes to be Aware of During the Holidays

Whether you spend this long-awaited break at home or travel, you should still know which crimes to be wary of.


The number of hijacking incidents is likely to increase around the holidays. Motorists must remain vigilant when they travel to unfamiliar places. To ensure you reduce your chances of becoming a victim, you should download the iER App and use map services on your smartphone to navigate unknown areas.

House Robberies

Leaving your house unoccupied can make it a vulnerable time for criminals to take advantage. You should have safety measures in place before you decide to go away. Being prepared can help reduce the risk of perpetrators breaking into your home.

Bag and Phone Snatching

The one thing about crime is that it’s an inconvenience that can occur anywhere and anytime. Situational awareness can help reduce the risk of having your bag or phone stolen. Always pay attention to where you are and what’s happening around you and refrain from distractions in unfamiliar places.

ATM Scams

ATM scams are one of the most reported crimes around this time. It’s easy for criminals to take advantage of you when you let your guard down as you withdraw cash. It’s imperative to refuse any assistance from strangers while using the ATM.

Armed Robberies

If you like to do your last-minute shopping at the mall, you should be aware of the potential risks of armed robberies that can take place. Since stores have more stock and receive large amounts of cash from sales, they become easy targets for crime syndicates. If you find yourself in a store during a robbery, ensure you have the iER App and use the silent alert feature to have emergency response units dispatched to your location.

In summary, even if you’re taking a well-deserved break, you should still be aware and vigilant of your surroundings. If you plan to travel, take the time to research the area and have a safety checklist should any emergency occur. The iER App can be your holiday companion this season, from anywhere in the country. With over 14,000 emergency response services easily accessible, you can rest assured that your safety is our priority.

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