Get Prepared For Back To School Safety

Get Prepared For Back To School Safety

The end of the festive season is quickly followed by parents rushing to buy school supplies and uniforms. It’s that time when shopping centres and malls are filled with “back to school” merchandise. The mixture of excitement and anxiety can be overwhelming.

However, this is a significant time for your children if they are starting school for the first time. It requires planning and preparing for emergencies while ensuring they receive a well-rounded experience. Read on for essential back-to-school safety tips before the school year begins.

The Importance of Back-to-School Safety

Your child’s school should be an environment that promotes learning and growth. However, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child’s safety is maintained as they make their way to and from school. Instilling discipline and meeting your child’s needs are crucial to enforcing back-to-school safety.

Any potential ills that can threaten your child’s learning experience should be addressed immediately. Most importantly, you should take a proactive approach towards interventions that prioritise your child’s quality of life while not in your care. For instance, you should know the school’s emergency procedures and teach your kids to use the iER App, which connects millions of South Africans to a broad network of medical and non-medical emergency responders.

Maintain Road Safety

Back-to-school safety begins at home. You should prioritise road safety when you leave the house to take your kids to school or their transport services. Research suggests that young people are more vulnerable to road crashes.

You should provide effective road safety education for your children before they head back to school. Remind them about the significance of road rules, observing signs and following pedestrian safety.

Understand the School’s Emergency Procedures

Emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Taking your child to a well-prepared school with efficient responses and emergency procedures enhances their safety for an overall learning experience. It’s your duty to attend school governing body meetings for reassurance of emergency preparedness.

Management of potential emergencies in schools helps implement effective planning to minimise the risk of injuries and life-threatening scenarios. If your child is going to a new school, you should familiarise yourself with emergency procedures. Additionally, take note of the following:

  • The types of tools used in emergencies.
  • The school provides training such as emergency drills.
  • Emergency knowledge by the educators and staff.
  • School safety audits are conducted regularly.

Follow Security and Safety Measures

Schools should have security and safety measures everyone should follow. For instance, signing a register when you enter the school premises is common. In addition, you might be required to use a visitor’s pass when you accompany your child.

Most schools place these measures in place to prevent risks such as kidnappings and related emergencies that can endanger your child’s life. Promoting these rules to encourage your children to do the same is crucial. Most importantly, having security and safety measures in place is a significant part of ensuring emergency readiness and the implementation of emergency procedures.

Talk to Your Children About School Safety

Your children should be aware of your concerns. It’s important to have conversations about school safety and how they can navigate unexpected situations. A talk about general safety can help minimise uneasiness.

Talking to your children about safety can include:

  • Teaching them about being aware of their surroundings.
  • Avoiding speaking to strangers.
  • Knowing where to go for help.
  • Using the iER App to send an emergency alert.
  • Being able to set boundaries.

In summary, starting a new school year is a milestone for your child. On the other hand, ensuring their safety and balancing a whole learning experience can be a challenge for you. This is why you should download the iER App to reduce the stress of potential medical or non-medical emergencies. With over 14 000 emergency response service partners, going back to school can be an enjoyable moment for the whole family.

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