How much does an ambulance cost

How much does an ambulance cost

In an emergency, an ambulance is the first port of call, especially if on-site medical attention is required. When a loved one needs medical assistance, we usually don’t consider the price of having the best possible assistance come to the scene.

However, if you aren’t covered by medical aid or medical insurance, how much does a private ambulance vehicle really cost; and is it worth it?
The latest prices from a 2018 survey show the general price of an ambulance call out ranging between R1000 and R5000.

For the average person, this could leave you seriously out of pocket. Reports have shown that people have opted to call an Uber or ridesharing service to take them to hospital instead, to cut costs. Of course, this is only logical in incidents that do not have patients who are bleeding or are in immediate danger.

People tend to panic and exaggerate when phoning an ambulance, Nicholas Sales, Cape Town Metro Emergency Medical Service (EMS) paramedic told Business Insider.

“When you are calling for an emergency, remember that there are probably 100 people calling in at the same time and all of them think they are in dire circumstances. So, rather be honest and tell the call taker exactly what is happening – we know you hate waiting.

“To mitigate this cost, always find out from your medical aid what ambulance services you should use,” he says.

Calling the wrong ambulance can be pricey.
Just Money estimates that basic life support for up to 45 minutes in an ambulance could cost approximately R1381.46 in 2019. This means that there has been an increase of nearly 40% over the last 10 years, with inflation fluctuating between 4% and 6% since 2009.

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