How To Avoid Road Rage

How To Avoid Road Rage

Aggressive driving is a common threat that can lead to unsafe driving behaviours like road rage. Even though it might be challenging to express your frustration at other drivers, it’s advisable to refrain from confrontations that might lead to physical altercations. Read on to discover how you can avoid road rage.

Understanding Road Rage

Road rage involves feelings of anger and aggressive driving that can lead to impulsive and hostile behaviour. In worst-case scenarios, it can result in physical harm with potentially fatal outcomes. Drivers prone to losing their tempers are more likely to escalate road safety risks, such as accidents that can threaten the lives of innocent bystanders.

Several factors can contribute to road rage. While aggressive driving includes many traffic violations, such as blocking other cars, speeding, and tailgating, it doesn’t always lead to road rage incidents. However, when unchecked, risky driving could lead to confrontations and violent behaviour that can endanger the lives of others.

The degree of road rage might differ from driver to driver. Additionally, the root cause can worsen depending on the situation. Research suggests that the common contributors are:

  • Distracted driving.
  • Internalised anger.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Stress.
  • Habitual or learned behaviour.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Road Rage


It Leads to Accidents

Road rage can distract you and lead to reckless driving, which is a leading cause of road accidents. Several factors, such as speeding and drunk driving, might overlap with aggressive and risky driving. You should avoid dangerous behaviours such as swerving too fast or illegal manoeuvres to confront other drivers while on the road.


Life-threatening Injuries

No matter the circumstances, road rage is likely to increase the likelihood of accidents, physical altercations and related incidents that can have life-threatening consequences. Honking and shouting at other drivers might lead to physical violence. In worst-case scenarios, it can lead to the use of firearms, and someone being severely injured or even fatalities.


It Affects Other Drivers

Sometimes, road rage can cause a negative ripple effect on other road users. For instance, if you are exhibiting confrontational or violent behaviour, it can influence another driver to do the same to retaliate in response.

It Increases Unwanted Stress

Many triggers can affect your stress levels while behind the wheel, and road rage is one of them. Heightened stress levels can increase the risk of dangerous driving and violating road rules. It’s important to remain calm when faced with uncomfortable situations to avoid potential risks that might lead to life-threatening consequences.

There are Legal Implications

While no law regulates road rage in South Africa, you can still be liable for actions such as speeding, causing an accident and other related incidents with legal implications. For example, if you are driving recklessly while under the influence of alcohol or substances, you may be prosecuted and possibly sentenced to jail. Additionally, aggressive driving behaviour warrants strict law enforcement and can lead to being fined.

Tips to Avoid Road Rage

Maintain Realistic Expectations: Always factor in potential delays and set realistic expectations to lower your frustration when faced with an incident that might lead to road rage.

Avoid Driving While Emotional: Intense emotions might impact being in a balanced headspace. Avoid driving and consider calling a friend or requesting a ride when you are at a higher risk of reacting to situations.

Focus on Positive Driving Habits: Avoid risky behaviours such as driving under the influence and provoking other drivers. It is crucial to focus on positive driving habits and be considerate of other drivers.

Stay Calm: Challenge your thoughts and remain mindful of your surroundings. Staying calm and ignoring rude drivers can save your life.

Call for Help: If you are an aggressive driver’s target and they are trying to use a weapon against you, use the FREE-to-use iER App to access emergency responders. You can send an alert for police units to ensure your safety.

Despite your best intentions to follow road rules, you might be subjected to irresponsible drivers who let their emotions and reckless behaviour. Avoiding road rage and complying with road rules can help reduce the risk of injury and fatal incidents. Having your FREE-to-use iER App by your side can provide immediate access to emergency responders when faced with an escalating or life-threatening road rage incident.

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