How to contact EMS in an emergency

How to contact EMS in an emergency

10111 is probably the most crucial contact number to have saved on your cellphone, or ingrained into your memory as a South African. It is very important to know how to get hold of emergency services in the event of an accident or crime. There are several numbers to memorise that will have the proper emergency services at the scene pronto!

Ambulance Response

In the event of a medical emergency, the number for an ambulance response vehicle is 10177.

Cape Talk reports that 10177 can be used in the case of a medical emergency and can be called in conjunction with both the fire and police department, depending on whether or not there are casualties.

The operator will ask about the nature of your emergency and your exact location, and if necessary, the operator will give you instructions on how to stabilise the patient or even yourself until help arrives.


10111 is the number for the South African Police Service. The number is toll free and will direct you to an automated service that will help you select the police station closest to you.

Calls to 10111 made on a landline are free. The number can be dialled from anywhere in South Africa.

Cellphone emergency

Unlike the previous two numbers, a call to 112 on a cellphone is free. You do not need airtime to call this number.

The number 112 will direct you to an automated menu that acts as a triage for your situation. Once you select the proper numbers to communicate your situation, your call will be transferred to a call centre and you will be rerouted to the emergency service closest to you.


The iER App puts these services and many others in one place in an application on your phone. Much like the automated system when calling the toll free numbers, the app takes it one step further. All you need to do is log in and press a button. An operator will contact you and help will be sent to you.

When you have successfully downloaded and registered on the iER App, our national network of emergency and security personnel can be dispatched to your emergency, 24 hours a day, every day.

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