How To Report Illegal Activities Anonymously

How To Report Illegal Activities Anonymously

How often have you heard of a criminal fleeing with a victim’s valuables while bystanders do nothing to assist? Many crimes often go unreported because of the lack of witnesses willing to come forward. Read on to find out how you can report illegal activities anonymously.

Why You Should Report Illegal Activities

It Improves Data Collection

National crime statistics are essential. Reporting illegal activities improves data collection, which the police can use to anticipate increased crime risk. Most importantly, it can help improve methods used by law enforcement to prevent these crimes from happening.

It Enhances Building a Case

Reporting a crime in real time is an excellent way to provide crucial information that can be used to build a case against a suspect. For example, it can ensure that the police arrive at the scene quickly to collect fingerprints and related data that can be used to find the suspect. Moreover, your knowledge of the crime can help link it to other cases and lead to better chances of arresting the suspect.

It Helps Crime Investigations

If you know anyone who has been a victim of sensitive crimes such as rape, anonymous reporting can help investigate the matter. If you are an eyewitness of illegal activities, you can help provide crucial information that can strengthen the case should it be taken to court. Your identity can still be protected as a vulnerable witness who fears being threatened for providing evidence.

It Discourages Certain Crimes

Illegal activities can decline if more crimes are reported, and suspects are arrested. Research suggests that criminals fear getting caught, and knowing they’re wanted for their actions can help prevent increased illegal activities in your community. Reducing the risk associated with criminal activities requires a proactive approach from you and your loved ones, such as using emergency hotlines to report them.

It Improves Community Safety

Increasing personal safety should motivate reporting illegal activities that have become common in your community. Reporting can be an effective measure to help the police address crime with improved prevention strategies. Additionally, it can provide better insights into where resources can be allocated to help reduce risks you might face.

Reasons People Don’t Report Illegal Activities

There are various reasons why people don’t report illegal activities when they witness them. For instance, you might fear that the person committing the crime might try to punish you when they have been caught. On the other hand, the act committed might not seem significant enough to be reported.

Being reluctant to report a crime can also be linked to your community’s relationship with the police. For example, if various reports have been made without effort from police units to attend to them, it can be challenging to have faith that future events will be prioritised. This can also lead to increased safety risks and the reality of living in a community with worse crime statistics.

How to Report Illegal Activities Anonymously

Reporting crime can be done in various ways. However, not everyone is comfortable providing their details for fear of compromising their safety should a suspect know they informed the police about them. Fortunately, you can use these tips to report illegal activities anonymously:

  • You can contact the SAPS hotline on 08600 10 111 or 10 111.
  • You can dial *134*10111*.
  • You can download the MySAPS or the FREE iER App.
  • Provide details such as location, suspect description, and time of incident.
  • State that you prefer to remain anonymous.

In summary, if more people report illegal activities in real time, it can help reduce community safety concerns. In addition, it can support the police in ensuring that more resources are pooled to prevent specific crimes from becoming widespread. Downloading our FREE iER App is an excellent way to remain anonymous if you want to report a crime.

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