How To Stay Safe During An Armed Robbery

How To Stay Safe During An Armed Robbery

Over the years, there has been a growing concern over criminals using dangerous weapons to commit violent crimes. From hijackings to house robberies, criminals have increased the use of firearms to intimidate unsuspecting and vulnerable victims. The latest crime statistics show an increase in violent contact crimes.

Finding ways to stay safe in the height of crime has become a public duty. What you do when faced with a life-threatening and violent emergency is vital for survival. Read on to find out more about staying safe during an armed robbery.

What to do During an Armed Robbery

Businesses, households, and individuals are at an equal risk of being victims of an armed robbery. The widespread use of force by criminals requires the necessary safety measures to help reduce potential risks of this violent crime. Here’s what you can do during an incident:

Stay Calm

When faced with an unpleasant situation, your first thought is to act quickly and decisively. However, panic during an armed robbery can worsen the situation. It’s crucial to remain calm and take account of the potential danger of the situation you are in.


As difficult as this might be, listening to what the perpetrators tell you to do can save your life. You should avoid arguing or refusing to follow instructions. Your material possessions aren’t worth more than your life and can be replaced later.

Make Mental Notes

Once the ordeal ends, you should report the matter to the police. If possible, you should remain observant of the perpetrators’ appearance or distinct behaviour that can assist with getting them caught. Try to pay attention to their behaviour to help identify the culprits.

Don’t React with Force

Ensure you refrain from doing anything that the robbers can see as a threat. For example, don’t try to use violent confrontation techniques like physical force to stop them. In worst-case scenarios, reacting can lead to injuries or fatalities that can be avoided.

Activate Silent Emergency Alert Features

When you live in a country with heightened crime levels, you should have access to effective emergency response services. The iER App provides efficient life-saving services when faced with a life-threatening situation. You can use the silent alert notification to request immediate assistance without informing your perpetrators that the police have been notified.

Tips to Prevent Armed Robbery

Stay Alert

It’s always crucial to be aware of what’s happening around you. If you notice suspicious activity, you should be ready to send an alert via the iER App for immediate access to emergency services, that can be dispatched to your location. Staying observant can help you sense trouble and get away as soon as possible.

Follow Safety Protocol

Nowadays, it’s necessary to share tips and guidelines to inform you and your loved ones about how to respond to a potential armed robbery. For instance, you can review what you should or shouldn’t do during an armed robbery. Most importantly, highlight essential safety procedures to follow when the ordeal is done, and you should file a police report.

Improve Security Measures

Safeguarding your home or business can help you prevent the devastating impact of being a victim of an armed robbery. Maintaining your safety and enhancing the protection of your valuable possessions requires proactive thinking. These are practical ways to improve your security measures:

  • Keep valuable items in a safe place where robbers cannot gain access.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings.
  • Join neighbourhood watch programs.
  • Invest in quality and reliable security systems, if possible.
  • Download the iER App for immediate access to over 14,000 emergency service providers.

In summary, anyone can be an unsuspecting victim of a violent crime. Armed robbery has increased, with businesses and homeowners being prime targets. It’s crucial to download the iER App to ensure immediate access to various medical and non-medical service providers to help you with any emergency, anytime, anywhere.

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