How to use the iER app

How to use the iER App

The safety of your family is the most important thing to you. At iER, we are fully aware of the responsibility we undertake to keep you and your loved ones safe, as well as in the loop if anything were to go awry.

Intense planning and precision went into the creation of the iER APP and the services made available to patrons. Many innovative ideas were developed into tangible services. One such innovation is the group function.

What is the group function?

You can create your own groups that you feel comfortable sending specific alerts to.

Once you have loaded your friends onto the app, you can add them to existing or new groups.

To create a new cell, select the “Cells” tab found at the bottom of the page. Then click on the Plus sign, name your new cell and add friends.

Your friends, when they receive an alert, will be notified of the alert type as well as your location and can respond with help, call, forward or cannot help. When responding with “help”, they can add an estimated time of arrival. If they forward the alert, they can send the alert to a specific group/cell.

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There are 2 kinds of Cells.

Public Cells: Cells that anyone can view and request to join; for example, your local Community Policing Forum (CPF) or security company.

Private Cell: Cells that you have created and only you can view.

iER is automatically added as a friend on each cell and your alerts will always be sent to the iER call centre cell for assistance.

In addition, your friend/family member will also receive an alert to what is happening and has the option of responding to you, or forwarding the alert to someone closer to you, if they themselves are unable to assist.

Which alerts are available?

Once you have downloaded the APP and signed up to the FREE iER service, you are presented with a selection of alerts that you can send at the push of a button.

The alerts are then sent to the group you have preselected, as well as emergency services pertaining to your particular issue.

The alerts include criminal activity, being bullied, medical attention and police interaction. There is also an alert for fire services and hijacking.

You can choose which friends to add to each cell or category and which alerts to send to each cell.

Note that for alerts to be sent out, your mobile phone’s GPS location settings must be turned on.

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