iER Adds Air Emergency Veterans, SA Red Cross to its Network

iER Adds Air Emergency Veterans, SA Red Cross to its Network

iER manager, Monique Delport, recently met with the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service to facilitate more access to medical emergency services for those living in rural or remote areas.

The Air Mercy Service is committed to supporting national programmes and rural outreach programmes. They also facilitate clinical training and development for emergency aero-medical/rescue services.

This meeting positions iER in collaboration with the Air Mercy Service as an air medical emergency service provider connecting everyone to quality emergency care.

The AMS fulfils the following role in providing quality emergency care:

  • To manage and act as the overall coordinator of the aero-medical, emergency rescue service and rural health outreach in the various provinces in terms of assessing the needs, planning, day to day operations, monitoring and feedback to Provincial and National Health Authorities.
  • To access the volunteer network (aero-medical) of the AMS where the Provincial Departments of Health cannot provide the necessary expertise.
  • To source funding to support the development and expansion of the service.

When Would You Need Air Emergency Assistance?

Emergency services don’t usually commission a helicopter, but it is essential in certain events. Air rescues typically happen when someone is trapped further out than land vehicles can reach.

Helicopters are necessary for emergencies in rough terrain, on mountains and high buildings (in the event of a fire or blocked stairways and exits), or rescues at sea.

Mountainous areas usually have a helicopter rescue team on standby to assist in search and rescue missions, particularly in vast areas like desserts and places with extreme weather conditions.

Missing hikers

Hiking is a popular activity, but of course, like all extreme sports and hobbies, it comes with its dangers. Certain areas are known for their rough terrain and cliffs. Sometimes, when people need rescuing in these parts, the only way to access them is by air.

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What Does iER Do For You?

iER is South Africa’s only dedicated emergency response and disaster management network backed by our own emergency-trained call centre designed to respond to any emergency situation 24 hours a day, every day!

iER’s call centre staff are expertly trained to assist you through an emergency and dispatch the exact emergency response team you need to get you to hospital in the quickest time.

The iER mobile app is a FREE emergency response app available for download and can be used on an Android, iOS or HarmonyOS smartphone. The app connects you to emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your mobile internet connection and location are required for you to send alerts for emergency assistance. iER is ideal for use by everyone in medical emergencies, police emergencies and any other life-threatening situations.

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