iER is the Information Service Provider with Eyes & Ears

iER is the Information Service Provider with Eyes & Ears

iER Speeds Up Police Response to Crime


iER Manager, Monique Delport, was recently hosted by the Eyes & Ears (E2) and the Business Against Crime (BIC) initiative as part of their integrated emergency response against crime.


Recent reports share the following crime statistics:

  • 5 760 people were murdered in South Africa between April 2021 to end of June 2021.
  • 10 006 cases of rape were registered during the same period.
  • 487 of the rape cases were domestic violence related, while 164 murders were linked to domestic violence.

The same report states that common causes leading to murders included arguments, revenge and robbery:

  • 904 people were murdered because of arguments/misunderstandings
  • 349 people were murdered during robberies
  • 310 murders were mob justice related.
  • 268 people were murdered because of retaliation/revenge
  • 232 of the murders were gang-related
  • 164 of the murders were related to domestic violence
  • 108 of the murders recorded were taxi-related


iER has also ensured that every step of the process and commitment iER has promised to all its users and members is delivered on time.


iER is a FREE emergency response app available for download and can be used on an Android, iOS or HarmonyOS smartphone – Connecting you to emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your mobile internet connection and location are required for you to send alerts for emergency assistance. iER is ideal for use by everyone in medical emergencies, police emergencies and any other life-threatening situations.

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