IER Press Release

IER Press Release

Gauteng Police Commissioner and CCIN endorse one-of-a-kind crime prevention initiative.

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Gauteng police commissioner, Lieutenant General DS De Lange and Civilians Crime Intelligence Network’s (CCIN) Dr Reza Patel recently gave the newly launched Integrated Emergency Response (iER) emergency service their full endorsement. As South Africa’s first private 911 emergency service, the iER Application is unique in that at the push of one button it connects its users to a national network of emergency personnel including but not limited to private armed response teams, SAPS, ambulance services, emergency medical evacuation and fire departments.

The iER Application pin points the user’s location and when the alert button is pushed, trained iER call centre staff dispatch the appropriate emergency response teams to the exact location of the person in distress.
“Most of the time crime is only reported to the police after the damage has been done but the iER system picks up the crime whilst it is in progress and alerts SAPS,” said Lt General DS De Lange. She said Gauteng SAPS have been monitoring the iER system for the last three months and it was working very well for them.
Representing hundreds of thousands of people who fight crime, Dr Patel said the iER system was exactly what South Africa needed to prevent crime and save lives.
“The innovation that runs this system is something that we desperately need. We live in a third world country and this offers us a perfect opportunity for reaching the emergency services at a faster pace.”

iER founder, Murray Hewlett is thrilled about the CCIN and iER partnership and its crime prevention potential.
“This partnership binds the iER call centre to provide actionable intelligence to the police via existing civilian structures such as the CCIN and the associated Community Policing Forum (CPF) infrastructure”, said Mr Hewlett.

iER is not just another panic button that connects you to your local private security provider or neighbours; it connects you to exactly the right kind of emergency response team with pin point location accuracy and in the shortest possible time.

The iER Application is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices and anyone in distress can use it.

For further information on South Africa’s first and only fully integrated national rapid response network, visit

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