iER Takes to the Skies

iER Takes to the Skies

iER assures all app users and members that professional air ambulance services are readily available should the need arise once an emergency has been authorised by medical administrators.

What is Emergency Air Transport?

iER was recently hosted by ROCKET, a division of the Henley Air fleet located at the Rand Airport in Germiston, as well as Halo Aviation located at the Ultimate Heliport in the Waterfall Logistics Precinct in Midrand.

With over five years’ experience, having flown more than 3,460 air ambulance missions – exceeding over 5,000 flight hours, Henley Air launched ROCKET as an independent emergency service provider. Their name is a refined acronym, which stands for Rapid On Call Emergency Transport.

The size of their fleet allows them to offer the following exemplary services:

  • They have some of the most experienced helicopter pilots and qualified personnel in South Africa.
  • Their fleet offers consistency and a full staff
  • ROCKET owns and operates the only approved and certified Bell 222 simulator in the world, which ensures that their crew is always fully prepared for any situation.

If there’s an accident or you’ve been hurt and you need to get to a hospital quickly, the Bell 222 air ambulance can transport you fast and more importantly, safely.

In an emergency every second counts. The difference between life and death comes down to critical response times, experienced trauma physicians and practitioners, state of the art medical equipment and a progressive approach to emergency care.

This is what HALO – Southern Africa’s leading independent rotor and fixed wing aeromedical evacuation company offers as standard.

To deliver an uncompromised standard of care, an advanced in-house emergency dispatch centre using world class operating platforms and infrastructure is in place.

How is Air Transport Useful in An Emergency?

iER’s service level agreement with both Rocket and Halo has been implemented to enhance the level of emergency services provided to all iER app users and members.

“iER is a well-known entity to both these corporations. Nurturing our relationship with both ROCKET and Halo assures everyone who depends on us that we are backed by a noteworthy network that stands ready to respond to any call of duty,” says iER manager, Monique Delport.

The purpose of meeting with our service providers is to provide them with guidelines on how iER responds to emergencies and to align this process with both ROCKET and Halo’s standards of procedure.

Read below to see how air transport benefits emergency response.

It is important to remember that in order to use air transport, an emergency must be confirmed as life-threatening or include any situation that leads to very severe bodily harm.

For more information on how you can use the iER App to access emergency assistance, read the iER Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, you can call into the iER call centre on 0861 10 60 80 where an agent will assist to connect you with the necessary service provider.

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