It’s National Water Week: Here are five ways that water saves your life.

It’s National Water Week: Here are five ways that water saves your life.

“Everyone has a responsibility to use water sparingly to ensure that there is enough water for all,” says the South African Department of Water and Sanitation as it raises awareness of conservation initiatives. “Protect and conserve the country’s water resources” is the theme of National Water Week 2021, which runs from 15 to 22 March. 

A major campaign partner, Cape Nature, says security is under threat, as supply decreased owing to drought caused by climate change, the degradation of wetlands and resources, the silting up of dams,  losses, increasing demand owing to population and economic growth, urbanisation, inefficient usage and rapidly changing lifestyles. 

There is a need for sustainable management of the resource to prevent scarcity, says Cape Nature, which manages the Integrated Catchment Management programme that connects water and land as an impact on one inevitably impacts the other and the lives of everyone living in the region. 

Water management isn’t just a steady supply of clean water to consumers, Cape Nature says, but also ensures that the agricultural sector keeps producing food with a reliable supply of clean, usable water and an ecosystem that is kept healthy and continues to thrive. 

Citizens have to play their part, too, even if it means taking shorter showers, turning off the tap after rinsing an apple, for instance, and not letting the water run unnecessarily – as every drop saved now secures future supplies of valuable life-giving water, the department reports.  

Water keeps you alive.

Water is essential to people living well, as it is the majority component of your body weight to the tune of 70%. 

Without water, people’s bodies would shut down, and they would be incapable of getting rid of waste, their temperature would go haywire – skyrocketing and plummeting sharply – and their brains would atrophy. Other body systems wouldn’t function either. 

Our intake of water and water-rich foods will ensure that our bodies function well. 

How water works for you

These are just some of the functions in which water plays a leading role: 

  • Processing from the mouth to the intestines: From the first sip, water helps make saliva, which contains electrolytes and mucous that break down food in the mouth. It then helps transport the food particles down the oesophagus to be digested in the stomach, where vitamins, minerals and nutrients are dissolved. From there, water facilitates the distribution and absorption of nutrients and vitamin components throughout the body. 
  • Energy-boosting: Water activates your metabolism, which has a domino effect, boosting positive energy levels for up to an hour. Increased metabolism also means increased calorie burning and much-desired weight-loss. It improves blood oxygen circulation throughout the body, lubricates the joints, spine and tissues and thereby lessens the impact of inflammation, which generally limits your mobility.  
  • Excretion: Without the capacity to excrete waste through sweat, urine and faecal matter, your body will cramp up in pain and discomfort. Water helps the kidneys filter waste, which is discarded by the body. A well-functioning excretion process avoids constipation and bladder and urinary tract blockages. Sweating helps toxins pass through the skin. That is why experts urge hydration while exercising to replenish fluids lost through sweat. Hydration is needed to control temperature during strenuous movement. Severe dehydration can be dangerous, causing seizures, swelling on the brain and kidney failure. 
  • Helps to fight illness: Water flushes out toxins and helps the body fight these conditions: colds, flu, coughs, hypertension, diabetes, constipation, kidney stones, exercise-induced asthma and urinary tract infections, to name a few. 

Want to age well and happily?

Besides love, peace and understanding, all you’ll need is water to keep you focused, alert, have great thought function and an even better short-term memory. And it will keep your mood positive with no falling headlong into fatigue, confusion and anxiety. 

Don’t worry about losing your svelte form and youthful shine because, with adequate hydration, fat keeps moving through the body and doesn’t stay around needlessly. 

And collagen still works its magic, keeping your skin supple, smooth and reasonably young-looking – but that all depends on genetics and whether you use sun protection as well. Also, it wouldn’t harm you if you commit to the cause of conservation for the sake of the future and self-preservation.  

Because of this, you should save water as best as you can!

There are many small changes you can make to ensure that you don’t waste this precious resource. Of course, if its a precious resource that can save lives, humans should want to do the best they can to ensure that we don’t run out of it!

Unfortunately, we are all guilty of excessive, unnecessary use. It is, however, never too late to change our behaviour. 

  1. Wash the dishes only once a day. As the day goes on, place the dirty dishes if a neat stack, separating them into categories. So when it comes time to wash them, they are all ready and sorted. 
  2. Take baths instead of showers. Bathing takes much less water, and you can control the amount that you use. You don’t need to fill the bathwater all the way to the top, either. If you only have the option to shower, wet your body, then switch off the tap while you lather up. Switch it back on again to rinse off the soap. 
  3. Of course, close the tap while you brush your teeth! 90’s bathroom movie scenes were wrong. 
  4. Fix leaky faucets. Those drops really add up. Put a bucket under the leak and repurpose the water until the plumber can come and sort it out. 
  5. Use bathwater and dishwater to water plants or flush the toilet manually. 
  6. Just generally be mindful and hold yourself accountable for each action. 

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