Keep Your Driveway Safe And Prevent Risk

Keep Your Driveway Safe And Prevent Risk

Did you know there is a higher chance of being a victim of crime in your driveway? For instance, you might be trying to open your gate and be met with a dangerous weapon and have your personal belongings stolen. Criminals likely scope out your home for weeks before they decide whether you are an easy target and then attack you.

Research suggests that most residential contact crimes start in your driveway. Read on to find out how to keep your driveway safe and prevent risks.

Clear Your Driveway

Since the highest risk of being a victim of crime starts in your driveway, you should take critical care by reducing any potential risks. Your driveway is the first thing criminals are likely to look at when deciding if your home is a good target. For instance, clear any bushes that might line the front or sides of your home.

Criminals can use those beautiful-looking shrubs as an ideal hideout when you least expect it. Maintaining your landscape will reduce any possible blind spots. Additionally, trim any trees that can block your vision outside your home.

Improve Visibility

Updating specific elements in your home can improve your safety. For example, consider using lighting to enhance visibility at night. The more visibility, the less likely crime will occur.

Consider adding a motion sensor light to your driveway. It’s an affordable and hassle-free way to maximise your home security from the main entry point. Ensure that you enhance lighting in the areas easily accessible by outsiders.

Upgrade Your Gate

An automatic gate can provide various security features that can improve your safety. Automatic gates come with remote controls that allow you to control who can access your home with a push of a button. They also reduce the physical hassle of leaving your car to operate a manual gate.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock your gate and increasing the risk of criminals entering your home at night. An automatic gate provides a faster response to anything that can put you and your loved ones at risk. Most importantly, it gives you a better chance of preventing criminals from gaining access to your home.

Get a Guard Dog

Having a dog is a great way to enhance your safety and protection. The main benefit of having a dog on your premises is that it can prevent potential intruders from gaining access to your home. It’s better when you have a trained guard dog since they have excellent senses to smell and hear potential criminal activity quickly.

A guard dog can also respond faster to potential threats, providing practical assistance before security personnel reach the scene. If you are concerned about security threats, consider getting a trained dog to improve your safety. Most importantly, a dog is a cost-effective security solution.

Enhance Your Security

Enhancing your overall home security is a great way to remain vigilant. Your driveway isn’t the only point of entry that you should focus on. Criminals can also use other ways, such as windows and backdoors, to access your home.

Here are some affordable and convenient security measures you can consider:

  • Opt for crime-resistant locks.
  • Consider an inexpensive alarm system.
  • Reduce easy access from outside areas.
  • Be part of neighbourhood watch groups.
  • Keep your valuable items in a safe.

A safe driveway is crucial to maximising your protection against potential intruders. Any vulnerability requires additional security measures to reduce risks that threaten your life. As part of your improved safety protocol, you can also download the FREE iER App and access over 14,000 emergency services when you suspect intruders outside your home.

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