Meet the iER Team

Meet the iER Team

iER stands together on the frontlines as an essential force to be reckoned with in the emergency response field.

Emergency response teams comprise of agents who monitor and facilitate a most rapid response to emergency incidents like medical emergencies, criminal activity, fires, natural disasters, security threats, public health crises, or other potential community disruptions.

The iER Team is built from a foundation of fearless courage and the ethic of always doing what is right. What brings them together is a passion for service in a highly-charged field and the perseverance to prevail and work each shift with positivity.

The iER Team is built to handle life-threatening emergencies

The Team is made up of the following roles:

  • Response Agents who connect members to emergency service providers.
  • Network Administration, whose function is to build relationships with IER members and Service Providers.
  • A Department Coordinator who facilitates department planning, ensures the team is informed and up to date with developments and reports on the daily progress and growth of the business.
  • The Manager, who ensures best business practices and optimal operations, and sets goals and strategies to ensure business growth.

With goals of achieving member satisfaction and saving lives, the iER Team is motivated by mutual principles of transparency, job satisfaction, team union and synergy and resourcefulness.


iER’s Team Values are:

  • Effective communication
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Passion
  • Responsiveness
  • Service excellence


What would a team be without shared memories?

iER’s passion for the job is stamped by the fact that they are saving lives every day.

Highlight events in the team that have contributed to team building have been the annual Year End Function, CCIN Convention, and monthly team strategy meetings.

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