Most Used Emergency Services And Why

Most Used Emergency Services And Why

Knowing your available emergency services can help you stay prepared when responding to unexpected and life-threatening situations. Whether dealing with a medical emergency, natural disaster damage, or community safety concerns, you can rely on several response teams to minimise the impact and speed up treatment. Read on to learn more about the most used emergency services.

Police Units

Various police units serve a significant purpose to protect and provide adequate measures to reduce and prevent crime. If you witness a crime or if you’re a victim of crime, you can use your iER App to connect to the emergency centre to alert police units about your circumstances in real-time. You should consider calling the police whenever you fear imminent danger to your or someone else’s life or when a serious crime is in progress.

Fire Rescue

There are significant and unpredictable threats to public safety. Uncontrolled fires can have devastating effects on your life and property, requiring fire rescue services to provide emergency assistance measures. Your iER App connects you to fire rescue services that can:

  • Extinguish life-threatening fires in your area.
  • Protect your life and property when a fire escalates.
  • Provide urgent care in the event of other emergencies.

Ambulance Services

Suppose you have a medical emergency, such as an accident or sudden illness requiring immediate medical treatment. In that case, you should contact an ambulance to transport you to the hospital. In most cases, such incidents worsen and can lead to fatalities if they don’t receive urgent medical attention. Your iER App provides nationwide access to evacuation services to ensure life-saving medical stabilisation in severe trauma cases.

Social Services

Social services play a significant role in supporting communities through social protection and implementing strategies that improve the social conditions of groups of people. Relying on social services such as Social Workers, rehabilitation centres and rape crisis centres can ensure a positive impact in communities.

Child Protection

Children need to be protected from the risks of exploitation and abuse. Child protection services that can be accessed through your iER App are essential for nurturing safe environments for children who are also victims of neglect or related harm. Other benefits include:

  • Improving the quality of life for children.
  • Monitoring the behaviour of children to improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Providing support for better development outcomes.
  • Ensuring children are not deterred from attending school.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue services respond to situations where lives are in danger to locate missing people. Rescue operations save lives when imminent danger and life-threatening injuries happen, for example, if you are trapped in a collapsed building. Even though these rescue teams are associated with severe accidents and natural disasters, they can play a significant role in:

  • Providing medical assistance during a critical medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack.
  • They can find people lost in harsh environments such as dangerous hiking trails.
  • Ensuring essential care to animals who face emergencies.

Disaster Relief

Managing disasters such as floods is critical to saving lives, reducing property damage, rehabilitating the environment, and protecting against the loss of valuables. Disaster relief service providers can help communities recover by dispatching response teams that can provide proactive measures. Your iER App is your safety companion when disasters strike to ensure immediate assistance for:

  • An emergency response team.
  • Assessing the risk suffered by the community.
  • Effective communication with local authorities when power outages affect the signal of transmission towers.
  • Specific action plans to reduce hazards.
  • Having a plan to improve the state of the community after the disaster.

Towing Services

Car accidents, breakdowns and related mechanical failures can put your life at risk when you least expect it. Towing services provide essential safety measures to help transport your vehicle when it’s a safety hazard for other drivers. This is why using your iER App to dispatch towing services that can prevent further damage when faced with a challenging situation while on the road is advisable.

Other instances that may require towing services include:

  • When your car has a flat tyre.
  • When your car battery dies, and you’re unable to jumpstart it.
  • When you run out of fuel in a remote location.

Emergency preparedness is important for saving lives when the worst happens. Emergency services are committed to ensuring safety and improving your quality of life during a crisis. This is why you should continue using your iER App for immediate assistance when in a vulnerable situation.

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