Day in and day out it seems that the media publishes some or other crime related article in or around South Africa. Every year emergency and accident statistics are released to the public, and everyone is mortified by how high the numbers are. However, until you find yourself in a near death situation you can never fully comprehend its seriousness.


Earlier this year security company Fidelity ADT released its latest crime trend statistics based on data collected over the course of 2017. According to the stats, in a month they typically receive around 16,000 alarm notifications a day and respond to around 6,000. This is due to false alarms. Of the 6,000 alarms 98 were armed robberies, 426 house break-ins and thefts, hijackings 7, shootings 4, and robbery 15.


An April 2018 Herald Live headline read ‘South Africa’s road death toll a national crisis’. They reported that the South African road death toll for 2017 was one of the worst in years‚ despite safety campaigns to end the carnage. According to Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) 14 050 people died in road crashes in South Africa in 2017. These numbers are higher than figures from 2008 to 2015, with the exception of 2016 which saw 14 071 deaths on our national roads.


These are just but a few figures and do not even scratch the surface or begin to highlight the crisis facing South Africa when it comes to crime, road accidents and any other emergencies that every day South Africans face daily. Therefore, it is important to ensure your safety and security as best as you can by adhering to vehicle and safety tips, downloading the iER emergency app and ensuring that all your personal details, and emergency contact details are all up to date.  You never know when it will all come in handy.



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