Preparing your family for festive mayhem

Preparing your family for festive mayhem

As much as the festive season is about family and fun, the execution of holiday plans isn’t always smooth sailing. Having kids at home all at once can be daunting, and the logistics of getting everyone from the house to the store and to family gatherings can be exhausting.

There are certain dangers that come with the holiday season and so there are certain precautions that need to be put in place beforehand to ensure a safe, happy time with the family.


The downside of everyone being home for the holidays is that the traffic will most likely be heavy, especially the roads that lead to the beach or popular destinations. Prepare for this by packing enough hydration and ice lollies in a cooler box for the journey as well as the obligatory padkos.

Be sure to keep windows slightly open to ensure ventilation, especially on hot summer days in December.

Check the car’s oil, water and fill up on fuel. Have maintenance done in advance so that your vehicle is reliable throughout the festive season. Most auto shops are closed for the holidays too!

Get help

Holidays usually entail loads of cleaning, cooking and entertaining in your home. Don’t let the season overwhelm you with responsibility, but if you cannot get out of all the duty get assistance!

Rope in older kids with the cleaning and have a friend or cousin come assist with preparing the food. More hands make a lighter load.

And pace yourself. Don’t try to fit everything into one day. Plan your time accordingly and you will get through your tasks in no time.

Have a plan for the kids

Festive season means school holidays, and this can be a headache for parents. It doesn’t have to be difficult to entertain younger kids; the trick is planning.

Multiple Mayhem Mamma suggests having activities, playdates with other kids, movie and game nights with the family, and day trips within your city planned in advance, and written in an actual schedule.

“The great thing about this time of year is that there are many inexpensive family-friendly activities that are happening around town – the perfect distraction for children who are complaining about not having anything to do,” she says.

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