Preventable emergencies over Easter

Preventable emergencies over Easter

In South Africa, Easter Weekend is notorious for its high road accident death toll. Many people choose to go away on holiday for the long Easter weekend, and as the weather changes from summer to rainier days in certain areas, the traffic becomes heavier and the roads fuller and more dangerous.

How do you stay safe this Easter weekend?


Check your tyres

When roads are wetter and fuller, make sure that the car you are driving is 100% roadworthy. Your tyres are a very important feature, especially when the roads are wet and slippery. New tyres are an investment that could save your life. Make sure your tyre thread is correct and that the tyres haven’t smoothed over years.
Make sure that your wipers are in a working order and check your oil and water before you leave on your trip.

Don’t drink

Drinking alcohol and driving are illegal and very dangerous. Alcohol clouds your judgement and will definitely affect your ability to control a vehicle. Drivers need to be mentally alert and in good physical condition, especially for long trips.


Take breaks during the trip

When on a long trip, make sure to have two drivers who can rotate shifts, or take sufficient breaks from driving to rest and remember to hydrate sufficiently. Be careful of becoming fatigued, which can impair driving ability. Get adequate, quality sleep before setting off on your journey.


Always buckle up

The law expects everyone, even people in the back seats to wear seatbelts when cars are travelling. Children under the age of twelve should be strapped into a booster seat for their optimum safety.
Seat belts are the single most effective safety feature in any vehicle. They can save lives.  As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wearing seat belts can reduce the risk of a deadly injury to front-seat passengers by 45%, reports Mike Schaffer Law.

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