Preventative measures to avoid accidents at home these school holidays

Preventative measures to avoid accidents at home these school holidays

School holidays are the most exciting time of the year for kids. They can spend their days lounging in front of the TV, or playing games in the backyard from morning till night, without worrying about pesky homework!

But unfortunately, the school holidays are also when most childhood injuries are reported at the emergency rooms. Injuries, which could very easily be avoided.

How do you ensure a safe environment for your kids while they spend the next month at home?


With summer at its peak this festive season, swimming is a family favourite.

Swimming pools should be fenced or covered with a safety net.  Children should learn to swim from 4 years old and should also be taught water survival skills, although they should always be supervised near open water.


Parents24 has great advice on avoiding at home burns.

Keep kettles, toasters and similar appliances out of reach of children. Kids are notoriously curious, and may find themselves burned from merely trying to explore these items. As a safety measure, teach children to “stop, drop and roll” if their clothing catches fire.


Chemical preparations of in all forms; medicines or household cleaners, are to be kept out of reach of children at all times.

Rospa advises that parents consider having a proper lockable cabinet fitted in the kitchen for medicines and chemicals where it is more likely to be supervised. Be sure to store household cleaning products in a different place from food and medicine.

If this holidays, you find yourself in the midst of one of these emergencies, iER is connected to a database of 1000’s of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to you. iER’s managed call centre provides you with direct access to an emergency response support network consisting of highly trained personnel; whether you need assistance with accidental poisoning, fire related injuries or anything that requires a medical professional.

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