Report Public Risks Using the iER App

Report Public Risks Using the iER App

iER is South Africa’s one and only “911” call centre and mobile emergency app with its very own national footprint of service providers available 24/7 to assist with every emergency possible.

The iER App has unique built-in alerts and GPS tracking functionalities, which allow our response agents to dispatch the nearest service providers to you ensuring you are assisted ASAP! It is quick and easy to use with help just a click of a button away, and the best part yet, it is completely FREE!

You can also add your family and friends so that in an event of an emergency they can be notified as well!

If you are unable to answer our calls, we can also contact your emergency contacts or your iER group cells. To download the iER application you can visit your play store or app store – just type in “Integrated Emergency Response.”

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