Rita Ferreira

I haven’t seen any service like this before. The service is excellent!! Within seconds they phone you back.

Yesterday my sister-in-law’s car broke down close to Middelburg on the way to Nelspruit. I pressed the emergency breakdown button and within seconds they phoned me. I told them the story and they went out immediately and stayed with my sister until she got help towing her vehicle to Middelburg.

Tonight Marinda phoned me again to make sure they are save at home.

The other day we where on our way to a game reserve and there was an accident on the road, I reported it using the iER app. They phoned me immediately and I got a sms to say the SAPS and Ambulance is on their way.

It is FREE to register for this service!!! The response time is so quick!

Thanks for the wonderful service, I think everybody needs to get this APP on their phone! This could save your or someone else’s life. Thank you and God Bless!

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