Safety Tips for Going Out

Safety Tips for Going Out

The holidays are a time to relax, have fun and go out with family and friends you haven’t seen in ages. You should be able to enjoy yourself and not worry about what could go wrong. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to control what might happen when you decide to go out.

It’s crucial to ensure that your safety remains a priority. There are various factors to consider before you leave your home to paint the town red. Read on for practical safety tips for going out this festive.

Safety in Numbers

If you want to improve your chances of safety, you should keep your friends close when you go out. Using the buddy system is an effective way to ensure that everyone reduces the risk of being targeted by people with bad intentions. Safety in numbers is a proactive method to account for everyone in case anyone goes missing.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s best to go to a place you are familiar with. If you happen to move to a different location, you should know your surroundings. If you don’t feel comfortable or think that a stranger is following you, you should let a friend know and inform security, if possible.

Watch Your Drinks

Going out means having fun, dancing, and socialising with different people, making it easy to leave your drinks unattended. However, this is an unfortunate opportunity for anyone to slip something that can impair your senses. This can make you an easy target for sexual assault.

Drink Responsibly

Responsible drinking is important when you are out with your friends. You should reduce the risk of anything happening to you by avoiding the overconsumption of alcohol and related substances. Most importantly, make it a habit to know what you drink by not letting strangers pour your drinks.

Use a Personal Safety Service

Whether your car breaks down, an emergency occurs, or you need to report a crime, the iER App can keep you safe. It provides access to over 14,000 emergency service providers nationwide to enhance your safety no matter where you are. If you are out and feel threatened, you can use the silent alert feature or the panic button widget to access immediate emergency assistance.

Don’t Drink and Drive

When travelling after a night out, you should rely on a sober designated driver or book an e-hailing service such as Bolt or Uber. Having a reliable driver is worth the effort, and even paying a little extra for a cab. It ensures you get home safely and do not risk drinking and driving, which can lead to fatalities on the road.

Avoid Confrontations

Getting involved in verbal or physical fights on a night out can lead to devastating circumstances. It’s best to avoid any confrontation when you go out. If you feel threatened by someone’s aggressive behaviour, you should report them to security personnel on the premises or use your iER App to get access to the police. It’s essential to escalate potentially life-threatening confrontations to emergency personnel instead of when you are intoxicated.

Recognise the Signs of Being Drugged

Date rape drugs are increasingly used by perpetrators on unsuspecting victims. It’s crucial to be aware of your drinks to avoid their effects. For instance, you can feel sedated, lose consciousness, and end up in a coma in severe situations.

In summary, when you decide to go out, you should never forget to be vigilant about your safety. Follow this safety guide to ensure you reduce the risk of being a victim when you go out with your loved ones. The iER App is South Africa’s leading emergency safety app that you can rely on 24/7, nationwide.

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