Six Time To Call Roadside Assistance

Six Time To Call Roadside Assistance

If you own a vehicle, then you definitely need to invest in proper roadside assistance in case of emergencies. Anything can go wrong on the road at any time.  We go over six times to call Roadside Assistance.

Having an app like iER at hand that can find you with GPS and send emergency services straight to your location can be a literal lifesaver. 


What Is Roadside Assistance, And When Can I Call It?


Early motorists knew how to perform basic roadside repairs.  But vehicle technology is growing and requires a specialist’s assistance.

Arrive Alive says getting stuck on the side of the road with your car can be traumatic and frustrating. You remain on high alert because of roaming criminals who target lone motorists in a time of need.

In the world, South Africa ranks tenth for the largest network of roads because it covers 750 000km – and of this amount, 154 000km of the roads are made of tar.

Motorists get stuck on the side of the road for many reasons, such as vehicle failure due to potholes or unfinished roadwork. Because of those reasons, car accidents get reported daily. Roadside Assistance also helps with flat tyres, empty tanks or locking your key in the car. 

 It’s essential to have reliable and quick service if you experience a sudden car emergency.


Car Insurance

Car insurance is helpful for more complex car issues. Your insurance sends an expert to you and can tow your car to the nearest dealership, mechanic or petrol station. 

Your insurance won’t leave you behind! In fact, most roadside assistance gives you the option to take your vehicle to other destinations of your choice. It depends on what services your car needs.

 The roadside assistance providers can be a competitive industry. Each provider offers various services that you may not know about but can benefit from in the long run.

Reasons you need roadside assistance:

  • If your car breaks down, you can receive a specialist to investigate and repair your problem.


  • A failed battery can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Roadside assistance checks your battery to see why your car won’t start and can jump-start your vehicle.


  • Roadside Assistance know how to change your flat or damaged tyre, and replace it with a spare tyre. If you don’t have a spare tyre, Roadside Assistance can tow your car to your desired destination.


  • If your car has an electrical or mechanical problem, you can have it towed to the nearest approved dealer or competent repairer. This also applies to needing your car removed from the scene of an accident. 


  • We all know that Murphy’s Law is that breakdowns rarely happen at convenient times. It usually occurs when you are far away from your automotive repair shop or dealer. Roadside Assistance can store your car in a safe place and provides vehicle repatriation. Sometimes, a security guard is left with your car until it is towed away for storage and repair, meaning fewer worries for you!


Beyond the standard South African Roadside Assistance, other services can benefit you and your car:


  • A GPS can lead you into an unfamiliar and unsafe area, which is why on-call directions are available. A GPS isn’t always accurate but Roadside Assistance offers telephonic support and puts you on the correct route.


  • Suppose your phone dies while en route to an event or just going home. It may cause stress to your family and friends. With Roadside Assistance, you can have a notification sent out to the people expecting you, telling them what happened and how long until you reach them.


  • Trusting people to fix your car correctly and not make matters worse is a big deal. You may not know who to approach when you have car problems, but many Roadside Assistance services can refer you to a specialist you can trust. 


Making The Right Choice 

Roadside Assistance offerings vary in South Africa. If you select the best car insurance with Roadside Assistance, you assume your car is covered for any eventuality.

You can ask Roadside Assistance companies certain questions, such as what their call-out limits are because some call-outs are limited to three. Also, inquire if the Roadside Assistance covers your call-out fees and labour. 

Your car may break down when you have passengers with you. Find out if your Roadside Assistance transports your passengers and over accommodation if there’s an overnight delay. 

Most importantly, ensure that your Roadside Assistance provides specialised advice if you find yourself in an accident. This can impact any liability linked to you and avoid breaking any laws – rather be educated than pay an arm and a leg for services you shouldn’t pay for.

 In the event of a vehicular accident or breakdown, The iER App is 100% FREE to use on your smart device – to call for a tow truck, an ambulance or the police. There are no in-app purchases or adverts, and the app will find your GPS location automatically.

iER uses your mobile internet connection to receive your alerts, chat with you and update you with your alert status.

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