Surviving Crime: Claims and Medical Examinations

Surviving Crime: Claims and Medical Examinations

When you have fallen victim to a violent crime, there are several processes you are required to see through in order to assist the investigation carried out by police and your insurer, if applicable.

The most daunting is the ordeal of having to be physically examined by a medical professional. As traumatic as this is, it is usually very necessary in order to aid the police investigation.


In many physical altercations, the perpetrator is more than likely to leave his or her DNA, especially if open wounds were inflicted. A forensic exam on you and the area could help with finding the person responsible for the crime.

Another reason for medical examination could be for insurance claims, depending on the type of life insurance policy you hold, with regard to bodily harm and injury. A doctor will have to fully assess you and note your injuries.

This will also help when pressing charges against the culprit. The greater the extent of your injuries, the bigger the penalty and jail time faced by the accused. says: “Forensic services should have minimal waiting times, be given priority services, have trained and accredited providers with a sufficient number of exams to maintain their level of proficiency in collecting evidence, documenting the assault and addressing survivors’ emotional need.”



Also, in the event of damage to property, claiming from your insurance will be a procedure on its own.

Firstly, you will have to file a police report and forward the affidavit to your insurance provider. Then your provider will issue the claim.

According to Telesure, in addition, most insurance companies will only indemnify its clients if they report anything that is lost or stolen to the police within 48 hours. In other words, for an insurance claim to be processed, the insurance company will need confirmation that the matter was reported to the SAPS.

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