Surviving Crime: Reporting an Incident

Surviving Crime: Reporting an Incident

When it comes to reporting a crime – in the context of doing so in South Africa, there is a protocol that needs to be followed.

If you are a victim of crime, you must report the incident at the nearest South African police station. A case docket will be opened and the crime will be investigated, which may lead to the arrest of suspects and them appearing in court for prosecution, says the official South African Police Services website.

If police officials attend the crime scene, they will obtain a statement from you and witnesses, if possible.  The police will register the case in the SAPS Crime Administration System (CAS) at the police station. The complainant will receive a CAS number via SMS or telephonically that must be kept as reference for future enquiries regarding the criminal case.

If you visit the local police station to report a crime, you will be attended to in the Community Service Centre by a police official.  The police official will first interview you and then take a statement from you. The reported crime will be registered in the CAS. You will be given a CAS number that must be used for all enquiries regarding the reported criminal case, the SAPS informational site explains.

The completed case docket is allocated to a police detective who will carry out the investigation.  All enquiries should then be directed to the detective.

The detective in charge of the particular case will complete the investigation and present the docket to the relevant court for prosecution.  The detective will keep you informed of any progress, including when to attend the court hearings.

There is also the option to report crime anonymously by calling 08600 10111 or 10111 for crime emergencies. This service is available 24 hours per day.

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