The IER Network

The IER Network

The iER service is a fairly new, yet exciting concept in South Africa. Many people have shown interest in the network, as iER is South Africa’s only dedicated emergency response and disaster management network.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, the network is comprised of a database of 1000’s of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to you in an emergency. There are agents at the iER call centre all hours of the day and night to ensure the most efficient response timing for all situations.

Medical professionals, emergency rescue services and the likes make up the professional network on the App, and there is also the selection of your own contacts linked to the response system, so that your nearest and dearest can also react when you need them to.

You can create groups for family, friends and neighbourhood watches to be able to distribute important information and to be able to communicate quickly to a large group of people.

The gateway to the iER network is an easy to use mobile application, containing unique built-in alerts and GPS tracking functionality.

The iER mobile App makes use of a single button that when pressed, connects you to the call centre which is immediately notified of your location and based on the nature of your emergency, medical or emergency response assistance will be dispatched to you.

The iER App is offered free of charge and is downloadable via the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play for Android devices.

iER is specially designed to connect South Africans to each other.

iER offers members three different plan options.

It is Standard that everyone gets full and free access to the service providers on the network, as the iER App is free on all devices, and on all networks. If you want to upgrade to a package that allows you access to utilise iER’s full cover, There is a Premium Plan and a Premium Plan Plus that offer loads of extras for post emergency protocol, for a nominal fee.

Download it today and keep yourself and your family safe.

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