Three apps to save your life

Three apps to save your life

An emergency can happen at any time, so it’s best to be prepared at all times. Nowadays, having a safety net is as easy as downloading an app onto your phone. Help can find you in the click of a panic button.

As much as the concept of a mobile panic button is popular internationally, South Africa is emerging onto the emergency app scene, and only a few companies have hopped on board.

Here are three of the best apps to download, so that you and your friends and family can feel safe, wherever you go.



The gateway to the iER network is an easy-to-use mobile application, containing unique built-in alerts and GPS-tracking functionality. When you contact iER, the 24-hour call centre can find your exact location and dispatch the very experts you need to assist with your particular situation.

iER’s managed call centre provides you with direct access to an emergency response support network consisting of highly trained personnel.

iER is connected to a database of thousands of rescue and security personnel ready to be dispatched to your emergency.



With one click of a button, MiBlackBox records audio, video and images of events taking place around you to alert your contacts. According to Compare Guru, MiBlackBox is definitely a viable option for people travelling alone, who need immediate assistance if they find themselves in danger.

This trigger app is designed to act as your virtual witness if you find yourself in any kind of emergency.

The site explains that  for Individual Users, registering via the Website, or using the app versions (Apple and Android or by simply dialling the USSD string *120*8821# or other USSD as published from time to time on or from their mobile phones and then completing a simple guided interactive USSD process.



My SOS is a free App to make students, businesses and communities feel safer. The app boasts services like keeping students safe by providing access to campus emergency facilities, emergency response, and electronic indemnities, day passes, reporting of issues, services and lots more.

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